Saturday, April 15, 2006

Anorexia Dolls

Photo: Ashley - It Really Is All About You!

Normally I don't post on the subject of dolls, but these dolls caught my attention. I believe these high fashion dolls are one of a kind artistic creations. Here's a link to the photo source.

I don't believe these dolls are ever intended to be played with by a child, but imagine if you could get your hands on them, and gave them to that special child.

Photo: Brittney - Heroin Is Sheek!

I'd say the effect would be positively evil.

I'm not stating that the dolls aren't beautiful, because they are. Yet it appears that despite their innocent faces something doesn't seem quite right about them. There's a little something about the way they stare back which has me a bit unsettled. I'm worried a bit about them. Are they naturally thin, or do they have an eating problem? Are they naturally pale, or are they in poor health. Is that attitude I sense, or are they screaming for help?

I suspect that Barbie wouldn't have much time to ask such questions. She's a bit old fashioned, but she also keeps active, and has a career. Her body is way out of proportion, and she's way too thin, but she is so incredibly active that one can see that she is in very good mental, and physical health.

Photo: Emma - At The Edge Of Sanity!

These dolls on the other hand seem preoccupied. I just can't see these dolls eating an entire hamburger. It just wouldn't be right.

I'd say many preteen girls look very similar to these dolls, and most hope to look like these dolls when they grow up. Girls become obsessed with their weight earlier than ever. Despite what we'd hope many parents of little girls wouldn't mind their children looking as thin as these dolls appear. While there's a huge number of obese children in the United States there are millions of little girls, and teens starving themselves just to look like something similar to what these dolls look like.

If they are "lucky" they achieve their goal of being thin, and find that they must constantly maintain that appearance. They become "preps", who then terrorize all the normal, and obese girls - a form of dominance behavior.

Sadly, starving themselves isn't always enough, so there's cutting. These dolls may have a reason they look so pained - I wonder what their arms look like.

The numbers of girls in their early teens who are starving themselves, cutting themselves, and in therapy for depression is disturbing.

The dolls in this post would weigh maybe seventy pounds if they were real. Can you imagine what the designers of these dolls were thinking?


Anonymous said...

I think they might be bulimic.

The 26th Man said...

Those dolls are totally creepy... like they could be extras from a Tool video.

JeromeProphet said...

They are a little too realistic, and in this case I'd say "real" means bordering on mental illness.

Certainly, they have jobs as runway models awaiting them.


Spider63 said...

Fat kids are sick and need help to fight obesity. Obesity kills!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is incredibly scary.But it is the society we live in people try to hide the truth knowing sooner or later it willl com out.

Anonymous said...

these are Asian ball joint dolls.
they aren't suppose to be for children. Also I don't see any anorexia here. Why don't you get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

These dolls cost hundreds of dollars and are really only used as art pieces, usually to display clothing. You don't need to worry about kids particularly encountering the things (also, the material they are cast of--resin--yellows in open air, so these dolls are normally kept off display when not being photographed). Furthermore, their proportions are actually more realistic than Barbie's--note the foot size and ankle/wrist width in comparison to Western dolls.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? They are art, not hidden messages of evil. You are reading WAY too much into a DOLL. You're the creepy one.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Are. You. Serious? Do some darn research, anything you looked up will show you that these dolls are art and way too expensive to fall into the hands of an impressionable child.

Making these dolls out to be evil and possible causes for childhood/teenage depression is just... retarded? You are literally talking out of your a**.

Alicia said...

Uh, you're really making something out of nothing here. Like others have said, these dolls cost in the neighborhood of $500 each. They're heavy and fragile, and I can't imagine someone giving one to a small child. The dolls are really not that thin (add that to the fact that you didn't even include any body shots). I don't see any bony shoulder blades poking out in those pics, no gaunt sunken faces. They look normal. To imply that someone (or an image of a person) is annorexic, self-harming, or a drug addict because they're not fat? That's extremely offensive. I'm extremely pale, I like to stay inside and the place I live gets little sun. Am I a heroine addict then? Do I sit in a corner and cut myself? Well I'd have to do that to be so pale right? My mother is very slim and shapely, she eats healthy food instead of mcdonalds, is she annorexic? When did thin people stop being people with feelings?

I really don't care if someone likes the look of a bjd or not. Other people have said they're too realistic or creepy, it doesn't matter, they're dolls. What really bugs me is this mentality that a healthy body is somehow wrong, and those who aren't fat are mentally ill, stupid, or bitches (or all three) and that overweight is "healthy."

Anonymous said...

By your logic, all dolls should induce anorexia in young girls, because dolls cannot eat hamburgers. Or because you can't imagine them eating hamburgers.
Are you this judgmental with human beings? If a skinny girl passes you in the street, do you automatically assume that she has an eating disorder, rather than perhaps hyperthyroidism or just a naturally fast metabolism?

Anonymous said...

The majority of the dolls you have posted are dollstown dolls. And they reflect the ages of 10-14. Now, when I was that age, and to stop and reflect... The majority of my peers I will add at that time were rather scrawny, awkward things. This would probably have to do with the normal stretching out that happens at that age when a kid gets to the height they are going to be, and prepares to fill out in their years ahead between 14-20. In other words, their proportions for the years that they reflect are that of a health preteen. Most preteens are that skinny. It's just a prep stage for hormones to kick in.
I mean, really- if a kid is much more plump than that at that age, it may reflect the parents failure to insure their child is active, or has a proper diet.
I mean, are you trying to use this as some cover up to as the fact you might be fat, and thus wish to accuse people of making anorexic dolls, even though in weight they are pretty average for that age? Just because you may have made some bad choices, and have some pounds you shouldn't, doesn't mean you should try to make yourself feel better by putting down art pieces sculpted to that of an average preteen.
Also, I'm going to assume these aren't your dolls. Did you ask the owner of these dolls permission to use these photos?

Kylie said...

Are you high? These are art works and cost a hell of alot and are no way made or ever intended for children.

Anonymous said...

I have a few BJDs, thanks, and they all have more meat on them than a Barbie. But that's ok. Kids are getting great messages about looks from her right?

SugarCoated said...

I was very amused by this, I have to say. These dolls are Asian ball Jointed Dolls, as someone already said. They actually come in all shapes and sizes with hundreds, maybe thousands of headsculpts and bodies available.

Here are a few sites with information and photos concerning them, because I think you need to know a little more before passing such harsh judgement. There are of course, many more, but I feel these offer a good variety.

Collectors are generally anywhere between the ages of twelve and sixty+, but generally, most seem to be in their twenties and thirties. We are not children trying to look like them - you seem to have come up with that bizarre fantasy all on your own. Yes, there are some crazies, who take the hobby too far (although anorexia hasn't been one I've heard of before...), but generally, we're just normal people with an unusual hobby.

These dolls are very artsy, but far from OOAK. Some aren't even based on totally human form. For example, Soom, linked above, sells some dolls with hooved legs or hawk legs etc., different every month. Souldoll, also linked, sells a doll that is a centaur - horse from the waist-down. Pipos Doll sells animal or anthro dolls.

Skin colours can be white, totally pale, or fleshy toned, tan skin, afro-carribean, grey skinned, purple skinned, blue skinned etc. etc. So no, they're not all pale.

Collectors buy or trade rarer or basic models, paint them, customise them, photograph them, etc.

I do hope you read up on these dolls and understand they are an adult collectors hobbby or artist's hobby, not intended for children in any way shape or form, nor are they roll models for body shape or any sort of negative image. You should perhaps look into these sites with an open mind, and maybe make a revised journal about what you've found out =).

You may still think they're weird, but hell, you may even find them really fascinating.

Good luck on your search, and I hope with an open mind and fresh attitude, you can emerge from this with a better understanding. =)

Anonymous said...

Dude have you done any research? A seriously good example of bjd's NOT being anorexic is Iple House's Jessica. The doll is all curves

All the pictures you have are of faces of dolls. Could you do yourself and DO MORE RESEARCH before you look more ill informed?

Anonymous said...

Are . . . are you serious? Please, please do research before you post anything. These dolls, as many have said, are more collector's items than true dolls. They get played with by being posed and photographed, painted, modelling for clothes or being a dummy to MAKE clothes. They stand from 4 inches tall to three feet tall, and no matter which size doll you are looking at, they almost all have very realistic proportions.

They are completely customizable. Their hair isn't rooted and their eyes can be changed. This may sound sick to you and you may think that this is encouraging the mindset of serial killers and torturers, but let's look at it for what it is. An artistic outlet.

Maybe you'd find it even more sick that they are anatomically correct. Not just in proportions. This is a warning, because I want to show you what you have labelled unhealthy and even anorexic.

That woman, that doll, is not anorexic. She is healthy, as all of the dolls are. Some may be slightly on the thin side, but none of them are deserving of the comments you have made toward them. Even males. Males may be often muscular, but again, they are not thin. They aren't even unrealistically curvy, as many females like to imagine their males today.

As you can see, the dolls even come in a variety of colors. These dolls aren't skinny white girls. They are "healthy" dolls which strive for realism. I hope you can accept them for that.

I must say, though. Being overweight is just as unhealthy as underweight, and I very much dislike the suggestion that it's okay to be malnourished as long as you're an active careerwoman like Barbie. For these dolls looking preoccupied, please also pay attention to how . . . empty, Barbie looks.

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