Saturday, April 08, 2006

One Step Before The Other

Photo: Decaying Steps - North East Side Of Illinois State Capitol

It's the little things that speak most honestly about the state of a society. While the United States spends one hundred billion dollars a year on the occupation of Iraq badly needed improvements to U.S. infrastructure remain unaddressed.

Fear was used to manipulate a good society. Peace has now become a state of constant war. A surplus budget has now been transformed into only a memory. Osama Bin Laden was replaced by Sadam Hussein. Iraq was substituted for a real homeland defense.

Photo: State Capitol Building In Springfield, Illinois

For every pothole allowed to languish, for every school with a leaky roof, for every bridge rusted beyond repair, and for every uninspected cargo container that reaches this nation we must ask ourselves just how long will we as a nation remain trapped servicing a nightmare which the Bush Administration has created for us?

Photo: The top photograph portrays decaying steps on the northeast corner of the Illinois State Capitol building. While there is a beauty to be found in these decaying steps, they represent just one small indicator that something is wrong with the state of the state, and the state of the nation.

When a society cannot afford to repair its own decaying infrastructure it should not be waging avoidable, and costly wars overseas.


A Bishop wife said...

Steps photo is a masterpiece. I am nobody, just really thought is was beautiful and spoke volumes.

JeromeProphet said...

In the words of Jessie Jackson, whom I once watched speak from the rotunda of the very Capitol Building pictured in this post - "You are somebody", and your opinions are valued here.

Thanks for sharing!


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