Sunday, May 14, 2006

Are All Red Sprites & Blue Jets Created Equal?

NASA (BW) Image: An Oblique View Of A Red Sprite (Edited by JeromeProphet)

The Red Sprite image above was taken from the Space Shuttle in 1993. The Red Sprite, approximately 1150 miles (1850 km) from the shuttle, appears to have originated from a thunderstorm just over the earth's limb. The portion of the Red Sprite that is visible (above the edge of the horizon) is approximately 29 miles (47 km) in length.

What can Red Sprites teach us about designing anti satellite weapons?

Are some Red Sprites actually the result of a covert particle beam weapon testing program?

Video (BW): Blue Jets ejected from a thunderstorm over eastern Arkansas July 1994.

To watch the video above you'll need Macromedia's Flashplayer installed on your browser.

Blue Jets also raise many questions. Since I've never seen, or heard anyone ask this question yet I'm going to do so here. Is the recently discovered phenomena of Blue Jets based entirely upon nature?

Here are some questions I have about Blue Jets:

  • Are all Blue Jets the product of a natural, and random force of nature, or could some Blue Jets be the byproduct, or even an intended result of a covert particle beam weapon's testing program?
  • Is the matter being ejected in a Blue Jet made up of ionized particles?
  • If the ejecta from a Blue Jet consist mostly of ionized particles where did those particles originate?
  • At what velocity do the particles of a Blue Jet move?
  • What altitude do the particles from a Blue Jet reach (e.g., Ionosphere, Orbit, or Beyond Orbit)?
  • What effect does a Blue Jet have on the Ionosphere, or the Ozone Layer above it?
  • Do Blue Jets have an effect upon radio communications, or radar?
  • Do all Blue Jets point away from the ground, or do some point horizontally into nearby clouds, or even toward the ground?
  • If some Blue Jets eject high velocity charged particles toward nearby clouds what effect does this have on those clouds?
  • If some Blue Jets eject high velocity charged particles toward the ground what effect does this have on what is below?
  • If Blue Jets are entirely random natural events caused by clouds of water vapor, could human beings reproduce, or trigger, Blue Jets through the use of high energy electrical devices?
  • If Blue Jets can be produced, or triggered, by technology to what use can they be put?
  • How can the phenomena of Blue Jets be modified so as to be put to use in solving economic, and military goals?
  • Has any group within the U.S. Intelligence Community, Military, and/or Defense Industry examined Blue Jets - and to what effect?
  • Are Blue Jets in any way the result of nature?
Just a few starting points of inquiry I'd like to see addressed.

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