Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hardee's Steak N Egg Burrito

Image: Hardee's Steak & Egg Burrito Windows - Jerome, Illinois - 05.06.06

I rarely go to Hardee's early in the morning. But Saturday I did. Friday night was rare for me, I actually went to bed early, and awoke early Saturday morning fully rested. What a treat!
So with a lawn to mow, and tons of little projects to do what other choice was there?
I took off to Hardee's to start the day. I took a photograph of the west facing wall of windows, and processed it. The right corner is filled with a poster facing opposite the camera. It advertises Hardee's Steak N Egg Burritos.

Image: Hardee's Steak N Egg Burrito Woman - Jerome, Illinois 05.06.06

I went with my daughter, and spotted an older woman eating alone.
I include an image of her above. Her long flowing white hair looks magnificient after digital processing doesn't it?

Saturday was a fun day.

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