Monday, May 08, 2006

Is It Time For A Paradyne Shift?

Image: Video Capture Of Particle Beam Weapon Testing Over Oklahoma?

The image above is a high contrast capture nineteen seconds into a NASA video (see below) of a thunderstorm over Oklahoma. The lower cursor points to a linear ejecta of "lightning", while the upper cursor points to an area of synchronized lightning.

Could this particle ejecta have originated from a particle beam weapon?

It certainly doesn't look like normal lightning - looking far more like a spray of ionized particles - similar to what one might see ejected from a rocket.

Video: NASA Video Of Thunderstorm Over Oklahoma

Is the thunderstorm simply a natural phenomena, or has it become a manmade phenomena? In the NASA video above (you'll need a current version of Macromedia Flashplayer Installed) we see a "god's eye" view of either a purely random natural phenomena, or perhaps you'll see the deliberate manipulation of a thunderstorm through the use of particle beam generators (artificial lightning generators).

We live in an age of such incredible possibilities!

We live in an time in which stealth UPVs equipped with artificial lightning generators can deploy into thunderstorms with the mission of covertly altering weather.

Is It Time For A Paradyne Shift?

Is it time to ask, can thunder make it rain?

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