Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take The "Mayor & Sheriff Test" On NSA's Domestic Spying

Ask yourself the following questions,

Do I want my town's Mayor to have the county Sheriff collect a list of every phone call I have ever made, or will make?

Do I want my town's Mayor to have the county Sheriff listen to my phone calls without asking a Judge first?

While it is true that a police state affords a greater level of safety it also entails a greater level or risk. Police states usually foster, and promote states in which violence is directed in state sanctioned ways.

Hysteria following 9/11 allowed a group of presumably well intentioned individuals within very powerful governmental institutions to bring the United States closer to being a secret police state than it has ever been during a time of peace.

The fact that a "War on Terror" is a never ending war dictates that any changes in the power equation between the individual and the state be made permanent. This should concern anyone who loves freedom, and democracy.

Please ask yourself what kind of nation you wish to live in. Do you want to live in a society in which you, your family, and everyone in your community is under constant surveillance?

Do you want to be considered a criminal until proven innocent?

What would you want your Mayor to do?

Do not allow words like "President", "CIA", "NSA" confuse the situation.

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Anonymous said...

If the government is listening in, a lot of taxpayer money is probably being wasted boring government agent to the point of distraction. Which is potentially more dangerous than any off-handed remark someone may make. Better for all if they tune into the latest studio release, like the rest of us, to put themselves to sleep?

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