Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Altering A Hurricane's Path 101

GOES Image: Hurricane Katrina and Jet Stream 29.08.2006

Can Humans Alter A Hurricane's Path?

While stopping a hurricane may not be possible, changing its path may be possible.

The paths of hurricanes which spin through the Gulf of Mexico towards the gulf states are greatly effected by North America's continental weather fronts.

Would it be worth the effort to deploy an already existing covert weather modification progam in the hope of even slightly modifying the path of a hurricane away from a major city?

GOES IMAGE: Hurricane Rita (IR) and Jet Stream 24.09.2005

  • Hurricane Path Modification Toolkit
  • Particle Beam Generator Equipped Stealth UPVs
  • A Week's Advanced Notice Of Tropical Storm Path
  • Contrail Generating Aviation Fuel
  • Carbon Dust Equipped UPVs

  • Hurricane Path Modification Chronology
  • Along the west coast of the US create thousands of contrails
  • As Contrails cross the continent they grow into regional overcast
  • Carbon Dust Equipped UPVs deploy into overcast and seed clouds.
  • Clouds build into a large series of thunderstorm fronts.
  • Particle Beam Equipped UPVs modify electrical properties of storm.
  • Ionosphere is lifted, and shaped over modified weather front.
  • Jet Stream follows modified (lifted) Ionosphere pattern.
  • Front is guided, and timed to alter atmospheric gradients.
  • Regional pressure gradients modify path of hurricane.

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