Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ban Carry On Luggage!

Forgotten KISS Foils Mass Murder Over Atlantic

If the terror cells involved in the recently revealed plot to bring down ten airliners flying from Britain to the U.S. had only kept it simple, and stupid (KISS) they most likely would have succeeded. A smaller cell with fewer outside connections choosing to bring down fewer aircraft might still succeed - and soon!

Greed & Corruption An Obstacle To The Solution

Why do airline companies still allow onboard luggage? They do so because they want to keep passengers happy. Congress, and the Executive Branch are so utterly corrupt that even after 9-11 they yielded to the airline industry lobby, and have never passed a long overdue ban on carry on luggage.

Solution Expensive But Effective

Installing laptops, and cell phones on the back of every airline seat will allow passengers to surf the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, make phone calls, send and fetch email, play video games, use chat services, shop online, and even work while inflight. Airlines have an opportunity to keep passengers more connected, better informed, and better entertained, while simultaneously keeping passengers safer than ever before.

If carry on luggage is banned the airline companies would be expected to provide:
  • Food, and beverages.
  • Diapers, baby food, and baby formula.
  • Common over the counter remedies.
  • A bombproof stow for medicines brought onboard.
  • Other items which passengers may need.
Airports would be expected to replace lost luggage, and contents (within reason) on the spot. There is a trade off of convenience, and cheaper airline tickets in the bid to gain greater security, but it is a trade most would agree to make.

In the long run banning carry on luggage will better secure the industry from devastating terrorist incidents which have rocked the industry in the past. If terrorist had been able to blow up ten aircraft, and thousands of lives had been lost in the process the cost to the airline industry would have been enormous. There is little doubt that industry executives would have rushed to Congress, and the White House in an attempt to "save the industry" by securing federal handouts in the billions of dollars. This simply can not be the way society deals with terrorism. Taxpayers must pry their corrupt representatives fingers out of lobbyist pockets long enough to pass legislation which will force the airlines to increase security at airports, and in the skies. Banning carry on luggage is a necessary first step.

Am I the only one to wonder how it is possible that five years after 9-11 that we have to worry about terrorist blowing up aircraft with sports drinks?

Is anyone else as disgusted with this as much as I am?


ThirtyWhat said...

I'm with you, JP. I am supposed to fly to a training school on September 11th ... which I'm really not happy about. Normally, I'm not freaked out by this type of thing ... but on the 5th anniversary? Right after this bust?

I'd happily give up bringing my laptop into the cabin in order to guarantee I'll make it to the ground in one piece.

The 26th Man said...

Screw that flying crap. I'm actually fearful of crashing, and whether its a Gatorade bomb or an engine meltdown, either way you die. Funk dat.

19 said...

Just avoid traveling altogether:

email jp






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