Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Roman Catholic Sin of Contraception?

I had an opportunity to visit Blessed Sacrament Church recently, and picked up a church bulletin - the kind they give out on Sundays.

I'd read about the increasing numbers of baby boomers "returning to the church", but not exactly on the church's terms. Baby boomers while returning to church service are far less likely to agree with those in charge than in the past. Yet the desire to reconnect is real, and so the rise in attendance.

Would I ever go back?

I began skimming through the bulletin when I discovered a two page article on the evils of contraception.

No folks we're not discussing abortion, but contraception (i.e., the big bad birth control pill). Seems that the birth control pill is responsible for: Divorce, Child Abuse, Marital Infidelity, Sex Addiction, the dehumanization of women, Genocide, and exploitation of the developing nations at the hands of the U.N.

Not only that but the birth control pill has led to men not seeing their wives as sacred creators of life - just sex devices. The birth control pill has led to the destruction of the connection between women, and their true spirituality.

As I read this anti-contraception propaganda I recalled how I always felt whenever I would watch snippets of news on Pope John Paul II when he would visit some poor nation. He'd always include in his pontifications to the masses that birth control was sinful. I always felt it was insane that anyone would encourage starvation, and poverty by preaching to poor people about the evils of birth control.

After reading that utter nonsense about the evils of the birth control pill I'm more convinced than ever that I made the right decision years ago to stop attending Mass.

Yes, being raised Catholic makes it almost impossible for me not to feel guilt in saying anything critical of the church, but the fact is the Catholic Church needs to reform.

I know that studies show that the vast majority of Catholics in the U.S. don't agree with Rome's stance on birth control, but it is really sad to see all the resources being wasted by the church in its attempt to convince people that using the birth control pill is sinful.


MYOB said...

Why can't the RCC just stay out of people's private lives?

You can't get an abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy, but you also can't use B.C. to prevent said pregnancy in the first place.

Sheer stupidity.

Hey, RCC: People want to fuck. Get over it. There are also southern African nations with a 30 percent (or more) HIV infection rate. To deny people in those nations access to B.C. is to hand them a death sentence.

For the RCC to claim to be "pro-life" is sheer hypocrisy.

Constance said...

Obviously, men don't have to take the pill. Read the risks and side-effects.

If men could get over their self-indulgent machoism, pills wouldn't have to be an option. If women didn't have to lie to spare men's ego, and visa-vera, the truth about sex might get out. OOOh Ick!

People want to get flippant about sexual intercourse and miss the entire point of intercourse: to reproduce. If people don't want to be parents, they don't have to have sexual intercourse. If you do want to be a parent, admit it and live with risks and consequenses. If you can. It's a competitive field.

And yes, I admit I was once a confused adolescent, once upon a time...

*The post of "Jerome Prophet" doesn't really merit a severe comment. But the common or 'popular' nonsense circulating could use a dose of sanity.*

Both men and women hurt. From adolesence to adults to aging, our genitals are probably the most neglected, confused, and abused parts of our bodies. A good percentage of our lives are spent with conditions too embarressing to put into words. If the pill could be compared with heart medication, it still wouldn't be good medicine. Neither is heart medication, strictly speaking, but that's another story.

Frankly, if you have to ask your church about such matters, your about 95% in the wrong business arena. They don't supply it, why should they promote it? Somebodies got to take complaints. Like the FDA is going to take a case where the pill actually killed any women.*children or men* The church gets credit for at least holding an opposing viewpoint.

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