Saturday, August 19, 2006

City Cop Ignored Teen's Mugging Outside Fairgrounds

SPD's Moto "Professional service is our personal commitment"

State Fair Mugging Part II

In my last post I stated that a lack of police presence allowed an unsafe environment to exist in the Walgreen's parking lot just across the street from the Illinois State Fairgrounds Friday night.

I believed at the time that a thunderstorm had flushed all the police off the streets, and into their squad cars, or perhaps even home - leaving fairgoers, and nearby businesses vulnerable to attack from a gang of juveniles hanging out at the Fairground's busiest intersection.

But I was wrong!

A Shocking Accusation!

Several witnesses have now indicated that the robbery, which I reported in my prior post, took place in close proximity to a police officer. These witnesses have stated that not only did the police officer witness the assault, but also that he failed to assist the victim in any way!

The following is a paraphrasing of a conversation which took place tonight (August 19th, 2006) as I drove my teenaged daughter, and her friend (who witnessed the attack), home from the Mall.

JP: Were there really twenty guys in that parking lot?

Girl One: Yes.

JP: Why were there so many kids in that parking lot?

Girl One: I don't know why they were there.

JP: You just got out of the Fair?

Girl One: We were waiting for our ride home.

JP: Did they just get out of the Fair too?

Girl One: I don't know why they were there.

JP: How did the actual attack start?

Girl One: They surrounded ****, started punching him, and stole his phone.

JP: Were there any words exchanged?

Girl One: They called him "Bitch".

JP's Daughter: Didn't I tell you dad?

JP: Tell me what?

JP's Daughter: I told you they probably called him a bitch!

JP: When did this gang take off?

Girl One: They took his phone.

JP: Did they take off when the cops arrived?

Girl One: There was a cop there.

JP: I mean't when did they take off, not what they took off of ****?

Girl One: A cop was there.

JP: Are you serious, a cop was there while this was happening?

Girl One: Yes, right there in the parking lot.

JP: Do you think that the cop saw what was going on?

Girl One: Everyone could see what was happening - he was right there.

JP: Are you saying the cop just stood there, and watched?

Girl One: He screamed really loud, but that's all.

JP: Was he screaming for people to stop beating **** up?

Girl One: Just for everyone to leave the parking lot.

JP: That's all he did - scream?

Girl One: He was just screaming really crazy loud.

JP: Did people leave?

Girl One: Yes.

JP: How does **** look, does he look beaten up?

Girl One : No, but he
says his jaw, and back hurt him.

JP: And they got his cellphone?

Girl One: Yes.

JP: And the cop didn't do anything?

Girl One: The cops in Springfield suck.

JP's Daughter: He was probably just protecting Walgreen's donuts.

JP: Probably so.


miltongoldblatt said...

Was any of the probelms of this or the riot at the State fair covered in the SJ-R? I must of missed it. I did hear of it.

Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt

JeromeProphet said...

Prof. Goldblatt,

I never heard of it being reported anywhere.

I don't know if it could be called a riot, but it sounds as if the cops were unprepared for what happened.

SJ-R is trapped by its role as local cheerleader, and either never heard what happened, or didn't want to touch the story.


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