Thursday, August 03, 2006

David's Mother

I spoke with Dave of the11thhour tonight. His mother passed this morning after a long struggle with cancer. Two years ago she came very close to dying, but rebounded. She spent the last two years living life to the fullest by celebrating her faith, enjoying time with her family and friends, travelling, teaching, and helping others. Essentially she lived life the way we all know that we should - treating it as a sacred gift. That was perhaps her most consistent lesson.

This morning when I read Dave's blog post relating the news of his mother's departure I felt very sad. I was at work, and I had to deal with clients all day, and could not mourn for this woman who had played the role of second mother to me. I found it difficult to concentrate. Finally, on the way home from work the sadness found release - but not total.

My mother passed away two years ago, and the sadness that met that occassion revisited me - mixing with the pain I was feeling about David's mother leaving us.

When I finally came home I spoke with my spouse, and drank two beers. I made a choice that I would not drink any more than two, as I did not want to drown out my grief with alcohol.

The sense of depression was much allievated after talking with Dave. In fact that conversation is the reason I can go to sleep tonight - without drinking the remaining beers in the fridge.

I hate death, sickness, and suffering. I can imagine people like Hitler, or Osama Bin Laden deserve to meet up with illness, and death, but I just don't feel that it's fair that good people should have to be taken from us.

Human beings probably don't deserve immortality, but I believe for most people living to fifty years of age, or even a hundred and twenty years just isn't enough. There's so much to learn, so much to grow, so much to experience that there's no way to take it all in during the short lifespan we human beings allowed.

What do we do knowing there's so little time? Do we ignore death for as long as possible, or do we embrace it, and accept the lesson it teaches us? Do we waste the time we have, or use it as fully as possible?

Dave's mother lived a good life, and played the teaching role many times over many decades to many people. In the end, in those last years, in those last days, even in those last moments, she taught her family and friends the importance of living each moment to the fullest.

I'll always remember her, and always have a place for her in my heart.

Au Revior


Bike said...

JP...this is such a very nice remembrance/tribute to Dave's mom. You've touched on some of the very topics/feelings/emotions/struggles I've been battling since last fall. I hope you find peace in remembering the fond memories of her in your life.

peace & grace,

John said...

She sounds like a beatiful woman. Thanks JP.

Dave said...

Thanks JP. It was good to talk with you the other night. You told me mom was like a second mother to you. Guess what, I heard that same thing from many, many others on the day of her funeral. I didn’t realize I had so many siblings.

The Eleventh Hour

Anonymous said...

Well written, JP. Our grief has been heavy, but the burden is lightened by knowing there are others who saw her beauty and grace and purpose - others who share our love of her. It's good to know we aren't alone in times like these.

I am grateful Mr TEH has so many good and faithful friends.


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