Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dairy Queen on Macarthur Destroyed

On the way home last Friday evening I noticed that the Dairy Queen on South Macarthur Blvd has been destroyed. Its remains still lay scattered about within the confines of some do not cross tape as of Monday evening.

I took some photographs, which I may post soon. Not much to look at really. I very much wanted that little business to return. I guess it's just another part of Springfield, Illinois history now.

Who mourns for the DQ?

I do!

That's who!


ThirtyWhat said...

Count me in ...

I drove past the rubble this weekend and it really made me sad. We lived close enough to DQ that my friends and I would ride our bikes over in the summer.

It's just another part of our childhood that's gone ... we used to ride our bikes to Esquire theatre too. As Mike would say ... what a drag it is getting old. Come to think of it ... he should know.

Dave said...

So long DQ! Like TW & JP I rode my bike over there all the time as a kid. I wonder why that store had so much trouble making it in later years.

The 26th Man said...

That store had so much trouble making it because it was so filthy. In fact, I've never been in a DQ that wasn't a disgusting cesspool.

Heh, sorry I don't share your fond memories of the place.

Iggy said...

Well we all knew it wasn't going to return because of who bought it. On August 4, 2006 I posted a photo of the rubble and the machinery that did the deed. I also made mention of the fact that Mr. J's recently met with the same fate. But the Barrel Head walls are slowly coming back up and the Wabash Junction Circle rebuild seems to be going well.

Disgusted said...

The fate of DQ's around town shows the result of giving all franchises for a business to the same person. The DQ went the way of the first Taco Bell franchises and almost the way of Hardee's. One person is the owner, starts making a whole bunch of money from the franchises he/she owns and starts to get a little negligant. Turns over the upkeep over to the managers, who relegate it to the next down the line and so on. The owner is rarely seen around the store except to collect cash and most times not even then. Slowly the quality of upkeep starts to slip and while the product may remain the same, the overall impression is slovenly. First to go are the bathrooms. I've watched it happen around town so many times. A good idea goes bad because of the owner resting his laurels.

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