Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Triggering Lightning Using Rockets & Copper Wire

Photo: Triggered Lightning*

Using Rockets To Trigger Lightning

The University of Florida conducts lightning research out of Camp Blanding by shooting small rockets into clouds which are just on the verge of lightning generation. The rockets carry a long copper guide wire which acts as a "leader". The leader triggers lightning (skyward), and return strokes (groundward).

Photo: Vaporized Guide Wire*
If only this unclassified triggered lightning research project could:

  1. Seed clouds to increase their lightning generating capacity
  2. Fly above clouds instead of waiting for a cloud to reach its ground based rockets.
  3. Use radio waves, microwaves, laser beams, and particle beams to prepare clouds.
  4. Trigger lightning bolts using lasers, or even high velocity jets of carbon filament.

One can only wonder what a well financed covert project could accomplish if given decades to develop technologies necessary to generate lightning strikes.


  1. Where would a covert program test this type of technology - field or lab?
  2. Would testing take place in a clear blue sky, or during a thunderstorm?
  3. Would conventional aircraft, or stealth aircraft be used?
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