Saturday, September 30, 2006

Iraq War Cost - Update

Dave of the11thhour on the cost of the Iraq war.

It's increasing!

Three Hundred Seventy Nine Billion Dollars spent on the Iraq war so far.

According to the CIA the population of Iraq is twenty six million seventy four thousand.

Let's do some simple math.

$379,000,000,000 / 26,074,906. = $14,535.

That's $14,535 per man, woman, and child in Iraq.

According to the CIA, Iraq's per capita income is $3,500, which means we have spent the equivalent of four years per capita income on each Iraqi since our invasion of that country.

Of course the money being spent on the war is not being spent on the average Iraqi. In fact Iraqis are much worse off financially than they were before the invasion.

We could have spent the last three years tossing stacks of one hundred dollars bills out of our Humvees, and at least that way there'd be far fewer IED's, and RPG attacks on our soldiers.

In fact I doubt there would be anyone attacking our troops at all - not without a great deal of fear, and trepidation.

The war is being financed with deficit dollars (stolen from future generations of U.S. taxpayers), and is making friends of President Bush richer by the day.

What has the war in Iraq gained the average citizen of the U.S.?

I can't think of anything gained which would be worth the blood, and treasure this war has already cost this nation.

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