Saturday, September 23, 2006

Koshi Kat Zen Master Meditates On Nature Of Napping

Photo: Koshi Kat Recovers From Hard Day Of Napping

Some Semi-Directed Thoughts

It's funny how cats begin to grow on you. Three years ago we adopted our first cat from Pass Pets out at White Oaks Mall. My daughter had asked for a cat for years, and finally I relented. I wasn't much of a cat person, and it took me a year to figure out why. I was too much like my old man. Some people are meant for dogs. Dogs are designed by nature to want to fit into a social order, and that works well with most people. Cats on the other hand live in dual worlds, they can take people, or leave people.

When I realized how much I really desired to control our first cat I finally realized I either had to grow as a person, or eventually I would end up tossing our cat outdoors - or worse.

Every once in awhile I'll still get angry at one of our four cats, but it passes in a moment, and then my understanding of how fantastic cats are takes over. I just can't stay angry at any of our cats for more than a second. They're just great little creatures.

Anyway Koshi sleeps a great deal, just like all cats. They are great teachers of how I'd probably live if came into a great deal of money. Sure I'd waste all that money having fun, and donating to charity - but I'd spend the first year just catching up on all the sleep I've lost playing the role of corporate slave, good father, and husband.

Yes, that's what I'd do - sleep - then travel.


Dave said...

Two words: cat box

JeromeProphet said...

And your poop don't stink?

Dog lover!

At least cats cover up their poop!


19 said...

I wish that was my kitty.

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