Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Image Bright Spot

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Bright Spot - Zoom One - Springfield, Illinois 09.26.06

The Coincidence

Today as I was walking with Randy Reynolds for our lunch time constitutional, and photo blogging romp, we had this exchange (kind of a paraphrase - with some time compression used for presentability):

JeromeProphet: I've noticed that Marie Carnes Isn't Posting Comments on my blog.

Photo-Etc: What?

JeromeProphet: Yes, I think she's angry at me, or something.

Photo-Etc: Why would she be upset with you?

JeromeProphet: Well, I think she feels that I made fun of her.

Photo-Etc: In what way?

JeromeProphet: Well, she wrote a post on an "Orb".

Photo-Etc: An Orb, what are you talking about?

JeromeProphet: She said she saw something like Saturn only as small as a basketball.

Photo-Etc: Really, I never saw that post.

JeromeProphet: Yes, it was several months ago, it's not on her main page anymore.

Photo-Etc: O.K.

JeromeProphet: I wasn't making fun, but I just responded "Strange, yet not".

Photo-Etc: Really?

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Bright Spot - Zoom Two - Springfield, Illinois 09.26.06

JeromeProphet: And Dave (The11thhour) Said it couldn't be Saturn.

Photo-Etc: O.K.

JeromeProphet: Saturn's gravity would suck the Earth into it if were that close.

Photo-Etc: Why do you believe she feels you made fun of her?

JeromeProphet: I posted a video with someone faking an Orb visitation.

Photo-Etc: Really, I haven't seen that post either.

JeromeProphet: It's a lame attempt to fake people out.

Photo-Etc: Really?

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Bright Spot - Zoom Three - Springfield, Illinois 09.26.06

JeromeProphet: They used a laser pointer - it's really easy to spot.

Photo-Etc: I'll have to check that out.

JeromeProphet: Now Marie doesn't make comments on my post anymore.

Photo-Etc: I haven't noticed.

JeromeProphet: Well, it might not be the explanation.

Photo-Etc: Sure.

JeromeProphet: We all see things if we live long enough, it's how we interpret them.

Photo-Etc: O.K.

JeromeProphet: I'd never slight a person for saying they saw something like an orb.

Photo-Etc: Uh Huh.

JeromeProphet: But I prefer to use science as the means of interpreting experience.

Photo-Etc: Right.

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Bright Spot - Zoom Four - Springfield, Illinois 09.26.06

JeromeProphet: That looks like an interesting photo.

Photo-Etc: Yes, back there?

JeromeProphet: I like all the little mounds, and trees back there.

Photo-Etc: Does look nice back there.

JeromeProphet: I wonder why they made it look like that?

Lincoln Home Historic Area - Bright Spot - Zoom Five - Springfield, Illinois 09.26.06

Photo-Etc: What?

JeromeProphet: It's not like the Victorians wouldn't have leveled it all out.

Photo-Etc: Right.

JeromeProphet: They'd see nature, see a mound, and want to level it out.

About The Photo

When I snapped the photo featured in this blog post I just pointed the camera in the little wooded area located just west of Ninth in the Lincoln Home Historic Area. I really didn't take the time to observe what I was photographing at the moment I took the photo, and so I can not claim to have seen the light source which features so prominently in the images above.

After uploading the image to my PC I noticed the bright spot on the image, and I decided to zoom in to see it more closely. The more I zoomed in, and looked at the image, the stranger it appeared to me. I even brought in some family members to help me interpret the image. It's a real stumper.

I have no idea what it is. I guess it could be a reflection, which seems to be the most probable explanation, but I'm keeping an open mind. While I would never accept a paranormal explanation for the light source I still have questions.

Special Note:

I wanted to add that while yes, I usually make some "adjustments" to my digital images, by:

  • Increasing/Decreasing Contrast
  • Increasing/Decreasing Color
  • Occassionally Brushing Out license plates, serial numbers, identifying info, stains on clothes & walls & rugs, offensive looking power lines (I detest overhead powerlines)

I have never claimed that my photographs were absolutely pure from alteration - I consider them to be mini-works of art, and spend a lot of time making them look presentable. Most of my photos are simply that, but we live in the digital age folks.

Despite this technical ability I did not in any way alter the image associated with this post - not even for sharpness, contrast, or color because I was worried that someone would assume I made some alteration - which I did not.

Does anyone want to share their ideas?

Note to Dave: I'm expecting a smart remark - so hit me with your best shot.


Dave said...

I’m pretty sure that’s just the Lincoln lawn ornament. You know, one of those silver globe (or orb, if you will) thingys that pointlessly sits on a pedestal in your old lady neighbor’s back yard. The ones we would try to break by throwing rocks at them over the fence when we were kids. Well, I’m pretty sure Abe had one of those. Or maybe it was Mary Todd.

The Eleventh Hour

JeromeProphet said...

This wasn't behind Lincoln's Home. It was south of that.

I'll swing by there today, and try and figure out which of the historic homes it's actually behind.

The problem I've always had with "Orbs" being "Spirits" of the departed is energy, and control.

How does one's ego get memorized, and uploaded into a ball of plasma?

I haven't used the word orb to describe this, as I never saw it back there, and it could be lens flare, or something shiney in the background that's shining through leaves.

Yet, it's an odd photo, and I'm bothered a bit by the reflection of light on the leaves behind the bright spot.

Might just be an illusion though - the leaves being brighter that is - it just might be a coincidence, and so it looks like the light is coming from an object when instead it's just a reflection.


Dave said...

Er, maybe Abe's old lady neighbor had one. He probably threw rocks at it. They didn't call him the lawn ornament splitter for nothing.


Marie said...

I'm fine. You're fine. We're all fine. Thank you for your cocnern. I mean that most sincerely. Really.

I never told you this, but I my spirituality is inside (mind, body, soul). Anything outside of that must have a logical explanatino.

The things I posted about (Saturn, and the sphere just above a farm field), were simply things I witnessed for which I did not have a logical or scientific explanation. I'm sure someone somewhere does.

I don't think I ever used the word "orb" in any of my descriptions.

I have since updated the Saturn post with a link to a photo from NASA:


Anyway, I am posting comments on your blog.

P.S. JP, I thought for sure (or maybe, hoped) you would wonder out loud if I was the citizen, even though that didn't fit within your theory.

Marie said...

Nice typos.

email jp

  • jeromeprophet@gmail.com





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