Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quantum Entanglement Stressing You Out?

Perceptions of "Connectedness" Have You Confused?

Let Rocky, and Bullwinkle take you down the rabbit hole - again? And into the world of quantum entanglement.

Rocky: Can more than one entanglement state occur simultaneously bridging for example two "source" spinors with a "target" spinor?

Bullwinkle: First it's important not to get trapped in the linear causality mode of perception when it comes to entanglement. Quantum Entanglement acts to create a temporal singularity between quanta, and as such the term "source", and "target" are not only misnomers, but create a fundamental obstacle to answering the question.

There are no sources, and targets when it comes to entangled quanta. All quanta is essentially entangled, and yet not entangled.

Rocky: Without sources and targets, cause, and effect become impossible to work out doesn't it? We see linear causality at work at the Classical scale don't we? So at what point does linear causality take over, and quantum entanglement end?

Linear causality is in fact bound to perception. Play the movie in reverse, and we see the very same event only from a different point of view. Percieved temporal sequence does not dictate that the time line is ordered in one way, or another.

Rocky: How can entanglement exist, and not exist simultaneously? How can there be a singularity, and yet locality?

Bullwinkle: No events occur simultaneously.

Rocky: How can everything be entangled, and yet not?

Singularity implies entanglement, all at once, and everywhere. We're talking all time, and all space. Can we imagine such a time, and place?

Rocky: No, it sounds impossible.

Bullwinkle: What about the Universe before the Big Bang?

Rocky: So the Universe has operated at that state in the past?

Bullwinkle: Not a perfect singular state, or else that state would still exist.

Rocky: What does the Big Bang, and the primordial Universe have to do with quantum entanglement?

Bullwinkle: At what point did entanglement begin?

Rocky: Shortly after the Big Bang?

Bullwinkle: What about before?

Rocky: Before the Big Bang?

If the "Pre" Big Bang Universe had been a perfect singularity, then the Universe as we know it would have never come into existence. It would have remained a perfect singularity with no pertubations. More than one energy state must have existed prior to the Big Bang, and those energy states would have been connected via entanglement.

Rocky: Are we talking "Multiverse"?

Bullwinkle: It's Possibly the best explanation.

Rocky: A Universe outside this one, or before it?

Bullwinkle: Both, or either, and perhaps even a Universe after it as well.

Rocky: If the Universe was entangled to another Universe before the Big Bang, is the Universe still entangled with this other Universe now?

Bullwinkle: One Multiverse Theory views the Multiverse as a cloud of uncollapsed probabilities, and views each possible Universe as a subset of the range of probabilities. In this type of Multiverse in which all possible Universes exist, and yet do not exist, quantum entanglement not only connects quanta within a Universe, but also all possible Universes.

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Dave said...

I understood Rocky and Bullwinkle better as a kid. I guess you lose something as you grow older.

coffee beans said...

didn't think that cartoons would go so well complex dialogues...maybe they should start implementing this concept into cartoons..see if kids would end up smarter than watching normal cartoons

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