Saturday, November 04, 2006

Don't Vote & The Terrorist Win!

As is often the case in the days leading up to an election We The People find ourselves illuminated by the cold electric smiles of various candidates who are now asking for our support. We have more than enough reason to doubt the sincerity behind those smiles, and to wonder to what good our votes will be put. We wonder if it's worth the effort.

Perhaps it is the political system itself that corrupts good men, and women seeking office, or perhaps there is something corrupt in the very nature of those seeking political power? We may never agree as to the origin of the failings, and success, of our political system, but do not let this confusion act as a justification for non-participation. We may be confused, but we must act in our own best interest.

Despite the fact that we have every reason to reject participation in such a corrupt political system we must participate. For most of us this means voting for the lessor of two evils - perhaps while holding our nose between thumb, and index finger. For others participation means writing a check, or helping a candidate's campaign as a volunteer.

Where you draw the line is entirely your choice, but remember this, we have seen in recent years an increasing trend toward non-participation in the political process, and therefore your vote holds more power today than it would have in the past. In recent years we have witnessed several close elections decided by a few hundred votes. A few hundred votes either way shaped the fate of the nation, and the world.

Not one of us can continue to rant about the state of the nation, and still be taken seriously, without taking the time to vote.

And so I implore all of my readers to please locate your polling place, schedule some time, and vote in this upcoming election.

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