Saturday, November 04, 2006

Garbage Is Garbage

Video: Garbage: I Think I'm Paranoid

Shirley is so good. Then again Garbage was more than just Shirley Manson. The song lyrics, and the complex layering of sound that exist within each song has always impressed me. Every album was like a jewel. The live performance videos are great, but to appreciate Garbage you'll need to put the headphones on, and listen to some of the studio versions of their songs. As Dave of The11thhour once said, each time you listen you come away with more. I don't listen to Garbage very often, but each time I revisit Garbage I find it time well spent.

Video: Garbage: I'm Only Happy When It Rains

While I had watched Garbage's Queer video on MTV many times when it first came out, and found myself interested in Garbage I never did indulge my curiosity about them. It was only after I recorded an episode of X-Files which ended with I'm Only Happy When It Rains that I became interested enough to purchase my first Garbage CD. I soon bought them all.


Will said...

I love garbage. I still think they recorded the best James Bond theme song of all time. During their tour for Garbage 2.0 I saw them in St. Louis and was right up front by the stage. That was an incredible show and I gained a new appreciation for what a great guitar player Duke is. I also gained a new appreciate for how attractive Shirley is. I could swear she was flirting with me for most of the show (along with everyone else in front).

JeromeProphet said...

You lucky-lucky man.


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