Monday, November 13, 2006

Pink Springfield Illinois Police Cruisers

Photo: Shocking Springfield, Illinois Police Cars - Night Cruise Mode

The Springfield, Illinois Police Department is in the process of updating the look of their squad cars.

I say that before we retire the old design completely, let's look at some possible alterations that could save those old squad cars from the scrap heap.

It's time for a paint job!

I know that some would object to neon green lettering on neon pink cruisers, but you'd have to admit the change would have a pretty profound effect on community perception of our officers on the beat.

Some studies have shown that painting "drunk tanks" in shocking pink has a calming effect on even the most obnoxious drunks. Perhaps the sight of shocking pink police cruisers prowling crime ridden streets would have a similar calming effect, and thus reduce crime?

Since I'm not a resident of Springfield, Illinois, I can only recommend that my readers who reside in Springfield bring this proposal before the city council.

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LOL!! That's awesome :)

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