Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Light Eyes

Koshi Kat Defender of Pagan Tree Temple

Taking photographs of my cat Koshi is more difficult than photographing my other cats. Using a flash is often necessary indoors, but Koshi is a white cat, and flashes bounce right off of him.

In the photograph posted above, I used an indirect flash, and so we see Koshi's pretty blue eyes, and a curious look from Koshi. The Christmas tree lights in the background compliment the beauty of Koshi's eyes perfectly.

There's no doubt why ancient Egyptians viewed cats as sacred. Imagine being in the low light conditions of an Egyptian temple around sunset, or sunrise. To see the colorful glowing eyes of a cat blazing back at you would have to be slightly unnerving.

All four of our cats love our Christmas trees. They sit under them. Even when they are not sitting under the trees they will lay facing toward them. It must have something to do with all the color, and activity of the lights.

They also like taking little bites from the branches.

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