Friday, December 22, 2006

Warm Monitor - Cold Winter Night

And Humans Say That Animals Don't Have Souls?

A Sad Chance Encounter

This post is dedicated to an individual whom I knew for many years, who pretended not to see me tonight until I called out her name, and then had absolutely nothing to say to me when I did.

I knew you before the money, which although you never earned it through your own ingenuity, or hard work, has turned you into someone very much less special than you so obviously believe that you are.

Although you became an object lesson tonight, on what type of person I never want my daughter to become, I am sadly obligated to toss my recollection of you into the "Best never to have known you" category. This makes me very sad indeed.

A Prayer

My prayer for you is that somehow before you pass from this world, that you discover a higher path, and take it. That somehow you come to understand that a person's importance, even your own, shouldn't be based upon which subdivision you happen to be living in.


19 said...

That photo is a classic. Adorable.

As for the the other, best to just drop her at Sixteen Parkside Lane.

JeromeProphet said...


What a fantastic song! I hadn't heard it in years.

Funny thing is she used to be so darned pretty, but not only is she too snotty to recognize my existence, she's not pretty anymore.

C'est la Vie.


allie said...

that is a precious picture. cats are amazing.

email jp






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