Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas Tree Stand That Saved My Marriage

Video Of Bowling's Last Stand - Christmas Tree Stand

The featured video touts my favorite Christmas tree stand. This Bowling's Last Stand Christmas tree stand is perhaps one of the wisest purchases I have ever made. I bought mine eight years ago for around one hundred dollars. This stand makes setting up large trees a breeze, and I'm certain has saved me hours of wrestling around with the Christmas tree each year. This tree stand is so rugged that I'm certain it will be around long after I've met my maker.

Bowling Enterprises, located in Bear Lake, Michigan is owned, and operated by Floyd Bowling Jr and Floyd Bowling Sr. Check out their website.

Is this an advertisement? Not really!

I don't have anything to do with Bowling Enterprises, but I do like small American owned, and operated, companies that turn out superior products.

Bowling Enterprises makes a far superior Christmas tree stand than any of the flimsy Chinese made stands - the only kind of stand that you'll find at your local China-Mart Store.

So buy the best, and buy Midwest!


Here's an email which I sent to one of the good folk at Bowling's Enterprises.


Your product is undeniably the best stand on the market. I've checked your website out, and see where you offer several other stands. I've seen some of your other models in use too.

I've always been amazed at how people will spend a hundred dollars on a tree, and then get home, and spend hours trying to just get the tree in the stand properly. Sometimes they never do!

We have this little trick where we leave the plastic mesh on the tree. We put a little indentation with a screw driver in the middle of the trunk, and lift the tree into the Bowling's Last Stand. We then twirl the tree around ( I walk in circles with the tree) a few times until it sinks into the center screw.

With the tree still in the plastic mesh my wife has no trouble holding the tree upright, while I tighten the screws below.

It works like a charm year after year!

We then back away to see if the tree is standing straight, and then use scissors to cut the mesh in half, and simply pull the remaining mesh away from the tree.

I feel that the method we use would not work with any other tree stand but yours. Why? Because when the mesh catches on your tree stand it has no effect. If I tried this on an inferior tree stand it would tip the tree over, or possibly break the stand.

Leaving the mesh on until the last moment leaves the tree undamaged.

Most importantly the the tree is aligned as straight as it can be.

There's no fighting, nor any of the "blame game" which used to take place every year before we bought our Bowling's Last Stand.

Christmas is supposed to be a celebration, and installing a tree on an inferior stand led to all those little remarks. You know the kind, "Well, you were supposed to hold the tree upright", which would always lead to the inevitable response, "I did, but you must not have screwed in those screws right".

Even worse was round two, "Do you want to try to adjust it?"

Which would almost always make the tree even worse, and then lead to a further round of the blame game!

Now all of that nonsense was before I bought your stand. I can absolutely, and honestly say that we have never had any reason for any of that since getting your stand.

Spending the extra money to buy your stand ended all of that - essentially for the rest of my life - because that stand is so well made it will last longer than I will. I'll have to include it in my will!

So thanks for showing that American made products are as good as they were in the old days.

Feel free to provide a link to that blog post of mine if you wish, that would be an honor, and may God bless you folks.

Merry Christmas!

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