Saturday, December 16, 2006

We'll Succeed - Unless We Quit?

Olbermann: Lessons from the Vietnam War

Dave at The11thhour relates his concerns over plans to deploy even more troops to Iraq. Is more better? Has President Bush listened to the American people? Has he learned anything from November 2006 Midterm elections? Probably not.

I've including an excellent video from MSNBC Countdown's Keith Olbermann in which Olbermann states,

"Mr. Bush, there are a dozen central, essential lessons to be derived from our nightmare in Vietnam, but “we’ll succeed unless we quit,” is not one of them".

While watching (CSPAN) the imperial styled Full Honor Review ceremony, held for the now former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, I couldn't help but be reminded of President Nixon's inauguration ceremony in which he insisted that regal trumpets blare in the fashion of the Roman Empire.

Rumsfeld's departure seemed a surrealistic denial of his failure in Iraq. At least Richard Nixon left the White House in a low key ceremony which imparted some dignity to the occasion. I guess this was too much to expect from the Bush Administration which is still in the process of promoting the war in Iraq.

As the Bush administration distances itself from the reality of its failed Mideast policy it has chosen to blame everyone, and every institution but itself. Who else could be to blame if not for the liberal media, and a gullible public?

While the jig is up on the Iraq war, as long as a departure from Iraq can be stalled there is still big money to be made by Bush, Cheney, and company. Just knowing that should make it clear that we won't be seeing any serious reductions in expenditures of blood, or treasure in the next two years.


Dave said...

No, we will not be leaving Iraq while Bush is president. He has publicly stated that leaving is losing, so that's that. The next president likely will leave Iraq and the spoiled frat-boy can then go around saying, "Heh, heh I didn't lose Iraq, this president did." Men and women will contiue to die for the sake of one man's pride. May he burn in hell.

JeromeProphet said...

He doesn't seem to care about our troops does he?

These brave, men and women, they put their lives on the line for us each day.

We can never repay them the debt that we owe them - never.

Riding in their Hummers, never quite sure if they are the hunted, or the hunters.

We sent them into Iraq in too few numbers, many of them without body armor, or armor on their vehicles - which is still a problem.

We were never able to dominate the "enemy" to the point of putting them out of business.

And years later we have never trained an Iraqi army capable of replacing our troops.

How many more good men, and women, must die, or be maimed for a failed approach by our politicians, and their flunkies (Rumsfeld)?

Whether we leave in one year, or ten years there will be a Civil War in Iraq.

We can not force the modern state of Iraq to exist. Only a bloodthirsty tyrant like Saddam Hussein was able to do this through sheer evil means.

We can not do this, as we are a great nation, and know that it is morally wrong.

When will Bush admit he has made a mistake?

Probably never, even though this means the deaths of many more of our soldiers.

Maybe now that Rumsfeld is retired he will have the time to go back, and personally sign the letters he sent out to all of the families who have lost a son, or daughter, because of this foolishness.

He never signed a single letter - not one.

And Bush, it is my understanding he never went to a single funeral for even one of our soldiers.

And this man is considered a great president to a third of this nation's populace - shame on them all.

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