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Was Landmark Ford Visited By Ghost Lights?

Springfield, Illinois 12.05.2006 - Auto Dealership - Strange Lights Seen?

Strange Lights Seen?

Last Thursday night, November 30th, 2006 was a night few local residents will forget. A severe winter storm hit the Midwest, leaving Central Illinois covered in ice, and snow. Hundreds of thousands of residents throughout the area lost power, with over thirty five thousand Springfield, Illinois residents losing power.

Blue flashes of light filled the sky as ice burdened power lines broke away from transformers. Other flashes of light were seen that night. The winter snow storm which hit the area also brought with it lightning. Snow storms which produce lightning, and thunder are rare.

Stranger still are reports of intense red, and green flashes of light coming from clouds over Jerome, Illinois - a suburb of Springfield, Illinois.

There has also been at least one report of strange multicolored lights possibly originating from an auto dealership located on Springfield, Illinois' southwest side!

Rich Miller writes, "I saw those multi-colored flashes as well Thursday night", referring to a blog post by Springfield blogger, JeromeProphet, "I was pulling into that 24 hour megastore just southwest of spfld when it happened".

Miller stated that he suspected that malfunctioning flood lights at a auto dealership was the cause of the multicolored lights which he saw on Springfield's far south side.

Knox wrote a series of blog post refuting a link between Miller's claims, and his own. Jerome Prophet went on to ask, how ordinary white floodlights could produce red, and green light of such an intensity that it could be seen through a driving ice storm several miles away when visibility was severely limited. He also claimed that the lights he, and his family saw were coming from clouds directly overhead, and not reflecting off of the bottom of clouds.

Jerome Prophet also pointed out, in a response to Miller, that auto dealership floodlights couldn't produce thunder, which Jerome Prophet claims his family heard.

Video: Prairie Crossing After Ice Storm

Drive Through Area Leads To Questions

The short video above was taken of the auto dealership park on Springfield's southwest side. As you may notice the floodlights are producing white light. None appear to be flickering, or producing any other colors.

Out of dozens of flood lights which appeared to be working properly I located just one which wasn't functioning. Every light pole I noticed appeared to be undamaged, and properly erect. Each dual set of flood lights is capped at the top, and almost all light produced by the floodlights hits the ground below.

I have never seen ordinary floodlights produce green, blue, or red light simply because of power fluctuations. A simple experiment of attaching a floodlight to a dimmer switch, while fluctuating the amount of power reaching the floodlight produced no such alteration in color.

Strange Colored Lights Seen @ Prairie Crossing - Springfield, IL?

Questions For Rich Miller

You were in total disagreement with the interpretation (light flashes originating in clouds) of my own family's experience, but there are many questions I have about your experience.

You wrote,
"I saw those multi-colored flashes as well Thursday night. I was pulling into that 24 hour megastore just southwest of spfld when it happened (went to buy a kerosene heater)".

Was this the Meijer's which is located at 4200 Conestoga Drive?

Rich you wrote, "The flashes coincided with a power outage, and I speculated at the time that it was all those incredibly bright street lights at the car dealerships behind the store going off, on, off (with accompanying power surges) that caused the bizarre light display".

So Rich you're "pulling into" the Meijer's parking lot, and the sky is filling with strange colored lights, and you "speculated at the time" that it was coming from the auto dealerships?

You managed to drive into the "Megastore's" parking lot without actually seeing the floodlights themselves (casting multicolored flashes) which you speculate at the time must be the cause of the bizarre light display.

Now if you had actually seen the white floodlights casting flashes of colored lights into the sky wouldn't you have said that? Instead you say, "speculated at the time", and so I must assume that you never actually saw the source of the multicolored light flashes.

If you only saw multi-colored flashes in the sky, and never saw the source of those flashes, and were forced to speculate on their origin, then why are you so sure that the light flashes were coming from the ground, and beaming into the sky?

In response to my own family's account in which we actually watched the flashes in the clouds directly over us you stated, "I strongly disagree. From my perspective, it appeared that the multi-colored lights were ground-based and glowing upwards, not the other way around".

But apparently you base this on sheer speculation since you never actually saw what you believe was the source of the light flashes.

Do you honestly believe that white floodlights can emit red, and green light?

Do you honestly believe that those floodlights could have filled the sky so brightly that the light from those auto dealership floodlights would have made its way all the way to Jerome when a heavy ice storm was in progress (see photo below)?

Is that what you're suggesting?

My own family broke out in laughter after hearing this.

Prairie Crossing Auto Park & Meijer's from Veterans Parkway @ Night

In the photograph above we see the entrance of the "Megastore" which Rich Miller stated that he visited the Last Thursday night.

Despite the fact that the various auto dealership flood lights are clearly obvious to anyone with proper vision while entering into the complex Rich Miller wrote that he needed to speculate that light flashes were coming from the auto dealership.

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