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Was Springfield, IL Subjected to EMF Experiment?

In my recent post titled, Blue, Green & Red Lightning Over Jerome Illinois, I recount how my family was startled to observe unusual colored light flickers coming from the clouds over Jerome, Illinois last Thursday night. November 30th, 2006 was the night a devastating ice storm struck Central Illinois. Tens of thousands of residents of Central Illinois are still living without power, while temperatures dip into single digits.

Anyone experienced with ice storms will probably know that power lines burdened by the weight of ice are ripped from their connections to overhead transformers, and that when this happens bright blue flashes fill the sky from electrical arching (sparks).

I've seen the illumination produced by such electrical arching on several occasions, but the multicolored flashes coming from the clouds over Jerome, Illinois last Thursday night were more than a bit suspicious. Pure green light, red light, and blue light flickered from within overhead clouds.

My post resulted in one response, and that has led to my decision to post again on this subject. To read the original post click on the link above, and then come back here to read the following exchange.

You may also want to check Marie Carne's post on her reaction to the thunder-snow storm which hit the city of last Thursday evening.

Rich Miller's Comment*

Rich Miller said...

I saw those multi-colored flashes as well Thursday night. I was pulling into that 24 hour megastore just southwest of spfld when it happened (went to buy a kerosene heater).

The flashes coincided with a power outage, and I speculated at the time that it was all those incredibly bright street lights at the car dealerships behind the store going off, on, off (with accompanying power surges) that caused the bizarre light display.

JeromeProphet's Response


I noticed that as well (power flickering, in tandem with clouds flickering).

Most people would assume that the light flashes were a result of power lines, heavy with ice, either falling to the ground, or shorting at the transformer.

I am in no way suggesting that there weren't many instances in which charged power lines weren't doing exactly that. We know that for a fact.

I've watched in fascination, and horror, as a tornado came straight into our neighborhood. I watched as the sky filled with sudden purplish blue flashes as transformers shorted out as the tornado advanced.

I've seen many similar blue flashes in another ice storm which hit this area many years ago.

Any normal person would assume that those strange colored lights must have been the result of ice shorting out power lines.

Most people have little reason to believe anything other than that.

Interestingly, it is exactly this assumption which allows for such an event to be exploited.

Read that again, because it is important.

If I fly up into a cloud, and start flashing a red, green, and blue strobe light on an average night - there will at least be some rumblings about the source of those lights.

If those same colored flashes occur on a night in which there is an alternative explanation (plausible denial for those whose fragile psyche needs it) then those flashes are much easier to produce without causing a public relations problem.

No Main Stream Media outlet will ever question the source of such flashes - it just won't happen.

EMF Weapon Testing Over Springfield, Illinois?

Rich, let's look at the coincidence of the strange colored light flashes, and the power flickering in homes, and businesses below.

I noticed those too. I never mentioned it, because I felt it would be a bit too much to ask from my readers. I'm certain that most of my regular readers don't believe any of what I write about these types of subjects.

I have a very good friend who also blogs, and while he politely tolerates my post on this type of subject he never (ever) comments on them! Despite our decades long friendship he doesn't believe in any of this at all, and except for one sarcastic post he's never made one single comment - despite the gravity of my allegations.

The lesson is, when one of your best buddies believes that you're either insane, or totally ignorant, for blogging about such topics you can only imagine what those who don't know you must assume.

Despite the risk of further damage to my credibility I'm going to address the subject further in this post. This isn't the first time I've seen such phenomena (i.e., flickering lights from clouds at the same time power flickers within the home). Having said that, so what? I suspect it's commonplace.

I've seen such phenomena many times, over many decades, even when no type of storm was present (ice storm or otherwise).

Although it may be a natural phenomena I'm inclined to believe otherwise.

A Type of EMF Dampening Field?

I've noticed that the "dampening" effect isn't confined to power coming from a power line into a home. It also appears to effect power from a battery going into a flashlight - especially if the flashlight's battery is already somewhat weak.

How does a flicker of "light" within a cloud cause a dampening of energy reaching a light bulb within the rather simple circuit of a flashlight?

With enough money, and within a very short period of time I suspect this wouldn't take much to develop.

Just placing a large Tesla coil within an aircraft, and powering it up over a city would cause some rather interesting electrical effects below.


Why would anyone, or any organization, want to take advantage of a storm by testing EMF weapons on a metro area that is already under siege from wind, rain, snow, and ice?

First, because they can, and secondly because the storm provides a perfect cover for running such an operation.

Resultant harm?


Possible gain?

Additional development of such a weapon, and experience in using it under extreme weather conditions.

Are we lab rats?

Perhaps, but if there was no harm done, and such weapons are covertly advanced with the goal to defend us - perhaps that's the price we pay for our freedom, and prosperity.


One Final Question

I don't believe that EMF weapons produce red flickering from clouds. There might be something I don't understand about the physics, but there doesn't appear to be any reason for a red, or almost pure green light to be flickering down from within a cloud.

So why were such colors produced?

Perhaps we should ask those who produced them?
* The name used to sign the comment was Rich Miller. See comment to the original post.
** Jerome, Illinois is a suburb of Springfield, Illinois.


Rich Miller said...

I strongly disagree. From my perspective, it appeared that the multi-colored lights were ground-based and glowing upwards, not the other way around.

JeromeProphet said...


You never know, that might be the explanation.

Although I suspect we must have been looking at two different phenomena.

What we saw was definately shining down from the clouds, was accompanied by rumbling (thunder).

Was a pure red, and pure green color.

Visibility was very limited - a major ice storm was taking place, and therefore I don't believe that someone's auto dealership lights several miles away was creating these lights - those my family witnessed anyway.

You might want to call the dealership, and ask them if they have red, and green lights on the lot, what the lumins are for those lights.

Then we could check the weather service to see what the visibility was - it was less than a mile I'm sure - and we are miles from the lots near Meiers.


JeromeProphet said...

See JeromeProphet's Follow up post.

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