Monday, January 08, 2007

Mother Jones - We'd Ignore Her Today

Mother Jones - American Hero

Main Stream Media would never cover Mother Jones if she were alive today. Today, they'd call Mother Jones a nut, and put her in a chemical straight jacket, and wait until she lost her spark.

Mother Jones was a hell raiser. She cared about people - the working people. Today anyone who actually cares about working people are either ignored, or corrupted. If they can't be bought off, then they are frozen out of the loop.

The U.S. Congress, and the Executive Branch couldn't care less for the middle class, or the poor. Whether they call themselves Democrats, or Republicans it takes so much money to get elected, and then reelected, that those in office owe their souls to special interest before they've even stepped foot onto Capitol Hill, or into the White House.

Mother Jones, as an elderly woman, beat to death a man sent to kill her by a businessman. She was one tough woman, and she spent many a night in jails after being arrested for organizing labor unions. She could take the punishment that the man had to give her back in those "uncivilized" days.

In today's "civilized" American society the NSA would tap her phones, the FBI would infiltrate her organizations, and the Main Stream Media would destroy her reputation, or worse yet just ignore her. If she played ball, she'd be offered some graft, and she'd be forever in someone's debt who would never let loose of those strings which controlled her.

In modern America that's how it's done - death by a thousand paper cuts. Even a woman like Mother Jones would have a hard time battling that.

A Learning Link for Mother Jones.

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Blevins said...


have you been to the Mother Jones Memorial in Mt. Olive? I have been to Mt. Olive a handful of times since I grew up in Gillespie (a hop, skip and a jump away), but never really got a chance to go there.

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