Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Tiger Sleeps Warmly on a Cold Winter's Eve

Priskers My Cat Sleeps Warmly On A Cold Winter's Eve

Sometimes when I look at my cats I know I would be happy being a house cat. All that sleep! Never having to worry about anything. No work. No bills! No deep questions about meaning. They have it made!

Notice I said I wouldn't mind being a house cat, because I would not want to be a cat living outdoors right now with the frigid temperatures, rain, snow, and ice. Anyone who leaves their cats outside in the Midwest at this time of year should be neutered.

I took the photograph (above) of Priskers my cat. She was in a little comforter rolled up, and sleeping. She had made herself comfortable all by herself. It was fifteen degrees outside, and I realized how lucky we all are for having a warm, and comfortable place to stay on a night so cold.

There a hundreds of thousands of homeless people living in the United States who don't have it as well off as Priskers, and that's a pretty sad fact. Some of those homeless people are camped outside of Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois freezing in the cold as I write this.

In addition to the homeless people making due anyway they can there are hundreds of thousands of discarded pets trying to survive tonight too.
A society must judge itself not on how it treats those with wealth, power and fame, but in how it treats those at the lowest station in life. Future generations must surely look back upon this America and wonder how it is that we could have lived with ourselves knowing how others suffer.

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