Saturday, March 31, 2007

Abe Lincoln's Home Town Haunted?

This Orb Photo Was Taken September 2006 - Near Abe Lincoln's Home - Springfield, IL
Whispers Within The Silence
The photograph of the Orb (above) taken last summer just one block from Abraham Lincoln's Home led me to search out those in our historic community who may have witnessed unusual phenomena.

One local blogger has made several references to such encounters recently. I'll leave it to my readers to encourage this brave young woman to share her stories with the rest of us.

I too have seen my share of unusual phenomena, and have been reluctant to share.

Springfield, Illinois may seem like a typical little town living a typical little daydream, but there's something deeper going on here - and has been for a very long time.

Something seems to be taking place at a level which barely registers. Like echoes bouncing within the miles of abandoned coal mines which run under our city the stories of these strange phenomena seem to bounce from one person, and one generation to the next.
Ongoing Haunting Taking Place

For several months now I have been consulting with an individual who works at a historic building here in town. This individual has sworn to me that he has seen a ghost!

He claims that ghostly phenomena is taking place on a regular basis in one of Springfield, Illinois' oldest and most historic buildings.

According to this gentleman the ongoing haunting is so frightening he is close to quiting his job. He tells me that several of his coworkers are aware of the haunting, and that at least one photograph has been taken of the ghost!

The Haunted Lake Club - Springfield, Illinois - As It Appeared In The 1940s
While Springfield, Illinois locals know about of The Lake Club Haunting there are many other stories to be shared about unusual phenomena taking place right now in Springfield, Illinois!
Local Main Stream Media won't touch this due to the controversial nature of the subject, but we've all heard the stories.

Wooded Knolls - Location of the Lincoln's Home Historic Area Ghostly Orb
Isn't It Time To "Out" Springfield, Illinois' Historic Ghost?

None of the locals want to announce to the world that Abe Lincoln's hometown is bedeviled by unwanted spirits, but isn't it time to be honest about this? Isn't it time to admit that Abe Lincoln's hometown is haunted?

The Indian tribes, log cabin settlers, and those pioneers who followed have moved on long ago, but some may not have done so for a reason. Denial isn't going to help anyone.

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I am apart of an paranormal research Inc. and in the first picture. What you call a orb is not an orb but an reflection of light. Just because something looks like an orb doesn't always mean spiritual but reflections of light.

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