Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Politics of Global Climate Change Hearing

Hero & NASA Climatologist Jim Hansen

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is attempting to cast some light upon the dark shadows of the Bush Administration. This hearing (See links below) on Politics of Global Climate Change was held Monday March 19th, 2007. The Committee has been aired on CSPAN, and has dominated my television viewing of late.

This is one of the benefits of ending one party rule. Finally, we see what Bush, and his pals have been doing for the last six years. It's not as if we haven't already heard about most of this before, but now we can see the major players being grilled by Democratic Congressmen.

Are Bush's men arrogant? Yes! Do they realize what they have done was wrong? Many times, yes! Despite any soul searching they still have jobs within the administration, look forward to their lobbying positions after they leave, and have some fight left - which makes it interesting to watch these hearings!

Also, there's the Republicans who show up, and those who are owned by oil, or coal are there to show that the lobbying, and campaign donations have paid off - they're there to let their sponsors know they've done good by them. It's not really an attempt to save Bush - he's a political poison pill not even conservatives want to swallow.

During the hearing the testimony given by quiet spoken apolitical NASA Climatologist Jim Hansen literally kicked the ass of all the Republican congressman who sought to discredit him. He stood up for himself, and wielded truth like a sword. It was interesting watching one Republican lawyer after another fail to make any points.

Bush Administration cronies for years have been placing enormous pressure on climate scientist to keep their mouths shut on global warming, and have even rewritten scientific reports all a bid to confuse the public about the reality of global warming. It never really worked, but it showed the oil, and coal industry that the donations to the Bush Administration were paying off.

Readers, if you don't want to watch the hearing (it's around three hours long) then just play some of the audio in the background while you do your web surfing, or blogging.

Global warming, and climate change is an important topic, one which the Bush Administration, and the Oil and Coal industry don't want you to learn about. The underhanded, and NAZI like tactics employed by Bush Administration goons is just plain sickening.

Folks we pay our tax dollars to get real science, and real answers to important questions which effect us all, but in the minds of the Bush Administration truth must take a back seat to policy, and policy is sold to the highest bidder - in this case the oil and coal industry.

It's pathetic to see the clown like Republican congressman owned by coal, and oil interest try their hand at defending the indefensible. Maybe they've gotten rusty after so many years of stifling debate, but the smell of their corruption stinks right through the television screen.
CSPAN Real Media Link To Hearing

House of Representatives Link To Hearing

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