Monday, March 19, 2007

Valerie Plame Wilson's Congressional Testimony

(U.S. House) Vice President Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted
The Democratic led Congress is finally opening a series of investigative hearings into a broad range of allegations of illegal activities on the part of various components, and players within the Bush Administration.

This weekend CSPAN aired a repeat of Valerie Plame Wilson's testimony before the House of Representatives (Friday the 16th of March 2007).

One observation which I noted, and wanted to share was the line of petty questioning by the Republican members. The Democrats seemed to take the matter seriously, and were well prepared with excellent questions, but the Republicans tested their Joseph Macarthy skills, but fell flat on their traitorous asses.

Do they actually believe such tactics will somehow distract Americans from the obvious? Didn't the last election show them just how disgraceful the Bush Administration's actions have been even to hard core conservatives?

The few Republican Congressmen that actually stayed in D.C. (Fridays are fund raising days) looked either like traitors, or ignorant fools for supporting the group of goons within the White House who outed a patriotic CIA Agent.

The Republican approach on the committee is absurd now that the Democrats control the legislative branch and the committee, but it's the only thing they have left. Each question I guess is supposed to feed the conspiracy minded wing nuts that listen to, and call into conservative controlled talk radio. You know the one's that feel they're more patriotic than everyone else?

When you're a wing nut it's o.k. to support a President who lies to the people, and starts an unnecessary war. It's o.k. to destroy anyone who gets in your way - even if it risk the lives of CIA agents, and those who help them. It's o.k., even if it is a violation of the law. It's o.k. even if it harms the national security of the United States, and hurts this nation's ability to prevent nuclear proliferation.

That's because lying, and destroying others in defense of a lie is all part of the game plan that conservatives use with God's approval - it's right in their version of the Bible.

By the way, Karl Rove still has security clearance despite President Bush's pledge to terminate anyone who leaked Valerie Plame Wilson's identity.

One very real, and very good result of the last national election is that one party rule is no longer the case. We finally are seeing the beginning of a series of Congressional investigations into a broad variety of possible illegal, and unethical activities on the part of the Bush Administration.

Stay tuned folks.
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Dave said...

Good graphic. Is that yours?

The Republicans are still screaming that Plame was not covert which is completely false. But they keep shouting it to each other so it has become reality in their distorted and fact-free universe.

spfldnet said...

I saw the hearing. The very fact that Plame worked for the CIA should be enough to keep her identity secret. Those senators that tried to confuse the definitions of "Covert" and "Classified" really made themselves look stupid.

JeromeProphet said...

Not my graphic. I lifted off of the Congressional committee website.

I am however expanding upon it.

Absolutely hideous Republican response!

It's almost as if they're trying to defend what happened. Which is hard to understand.

They feel they are the real Americans, and the real patriots, and therefore nothing they do - even revealing a CIA agent's identity is beyond acceptability.

You know with the way this administration has treated the military, and the intelligence community in my opinion they've shown them such disrespect that they've lost much support in the critical areas they need it most to be effective at leading the nation.

They replace intellect, and ethics with flag waving - and that works for the wing nuts, but how effective can that approach be in the long run when it comes to running a government, a nation, or a coalition?


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