Friday, April 20, 2007

Felix The Cat On Grass & Mushrooms

Digitally Restored - Penny Lane's Mural Features Felix The Cat

Once again my meager attempts to capture and re-present the Springfield, Illinois Penny Lane mural fails to do the original justice. The brush strokes which make up the grass in the actual mural would have taken me too long to faithfully represent. I did however apply a lighter set of greens mixed with yellow to brighten up the image for presentation on the computer screen.

I also decided to animate the image - see below. Felix the Cat is certainly enjoying life in the scene in the mural. Imagine a life in which there were no stresses, and plenty of time to take in life. Childhood comes and goes for most, but Felix the Cat certainly expresses the inner child in us all. Just looking at this section of the Penny Lane Mural makes me wish I had a few weeks off to go spelunking about the country side.

An Animated Version of Penny Lane's Mural Featuring Felix The Cat Trippin On Life

Felix doesn't take drugs. He's just high on life laying out on the grass. I posted these images on April 20th, which for some reason has become associated with the celebration of the use of marijuana. Back in the days when selling drug paraphernalia was legal Penny Lane was often referred to as a head shop. I spent many hours playing pin ball in the back rooms of Penny Lane. The owners were friendly, and the place was "cool".


Photograph of Penny Lane's Mural - Springfield, Illinois - Felix The Cat

The Penny Lane Mural located in Springfield, Illinois is a modern work of art. Murals are taken for granted by the majority of those who see them. We drive past them, and they seem to catch the eye for just a moment until another image replaces them.

Despite the surplus of images which compete for our attention in this modern life I feel murals have a place. Murals aren't just streaks of paint upon walls. They actually change the space around them. One simply can't go anywhere near the Penny Lane Mural without feeling its affect. Whether you like the mural or not it works the space and fills the entire area with its set of messages about the 1960s and 1970s.


trowbridge said...

Beautiful work! But JFTR, that's Felix the Cat, not Fritz the Cat.

JeromeProphet said...


I have no clue. Thanks for the correction.

Renaming the Post right now.


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