Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Donald Sutherland Fake London Cop Dream

Is Donald Sutherland A Terrorist?

Had an odd dream.
I watched through the camera (POV) following an English cop as he worked crowd control in a very busy crowd.
He became concerned about something he had seen and followed an individual aboard a bus, or perhaps it was the underground?
The person he had spotted was dressed in uniform, and looked like the American actor Donald Sutherland. The troubling part was that he didn't have his uniform correct.

Kiefer Sutherland: Dream Plot Similar to Episode of 24

The real cop started questioning him with great suspicion thinking he was a terrorist.
But he was relieved to find that the actor was in the midst of filming a movie.
Still this was no excuse to be walking around dressed as a cop, and so the real cop insisted on following Donald Sutherland to the location of the movie shoot.
Things get a little blurry here with mention of the death of Princess Dianna, and it being the ten year anniversary, and all.
A strange dream indeed.

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