Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton in a Failure to Communicate

AP: Paris Hilton Cries While Taken to Jail

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Nerd King Protest Paris' Plight

In the last few days sources are quoting Paris as stating that she has come to the belated understanding that "the party is over".

For most of us that takes place around graduation from college. By then it's High Ho! High Ho! It's Off To Work We Go! Party time gets considerably smaller with every passing year.

Something about credit card debt, a mortgage, auto payments, just plain bills, to kill a good time.

Then comes along Mr. or Ms. Special, and party time ends up most often replaced with a dirty diaper, and candles on a toddler's birthday cake.

I'm hoping, and even praying that Paris Hilton disconnects from her previous life of non-stop partying, and finds other ways to experience life. There are other ways to enjoy life that isn't drug, and alcohol induced - really there are!

I sympathize with Paris Hilton, because the odds are she has completely surrounded herself with people who are in no way good for her. It's going to be extremely difficult for her to break away from that crowd, and it will be very difficult to make any "new" lifestyle work with that crowd.

So what are Paris Hilton's chances of changing her life?

Very small indeed, but there's a good chance if she lives long enough that she'll eventually grow tired of her current crowd, and decide that she deserves more that what she's opted for up until now.

I see a good possibility that Paris Hilton will grow. I hope she dedicates a bit of her time to the arts, and history. Like most jet setters she has both the money and the time needed to indulge herself when it comes to travel, and art appreciation. When I say art, and also mean music, and theater as well as what finds its way on canvas.

I wish that for you Paris, an opportunity to change into a person who is curious about the world in a complex way, in a way that changes you, that allows you to grow - to become the best person you can be in the time you have to be it. Peace.

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