Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wind Versus War

Thirty Story High General Electric 3.6 Megawatt Wind Turbines

Place enough Wind Turbines offshore (30 miles offshore where no one can see them from the coast) and you could generate enough power to electrify the entire nation. In fact there's so much wind that simply using wind along the gulf coast would power the U.S.

With approximately $250,000,000 per year being wasted on the Iraq war debacle one can only imagine what the United States could have used that money for - how far along we could have been in a bid toward energy independence.

Finest Hour For War President Bush

President Bush rejected a move toward independence from Middle East oil, and instead lied to the nation and lunged the country into a war in Iraq.

A real leader would have used the attack on the Twin Towers to spur the United States towards energy independence. It would seem only prudent to move the United States away from importing oil from nations which finance terrorist groups - terrorist which vow to destroy the U.S.

Instead of leading the nation to independence we were misled into supporting an attack on Iraq. Instead we were encouraged to remaining silent while the U.S. Constitution was trampled upon by those sworn to defend it.

The moment was lost to greed, and corruption while the good of the nation was ignored.
We are more dependent upon imported oil than ever before, and we sit and watch, and do nothing while the cheap oil that is the lifeblood of this nation begins to run out.

Real patriotism isn't based upon mindless support of ineffective military action, it is grounded in love of nation, and an honest appreciation for the real threats that face this nation.

How many more oil wars must be waged simply because the oil industry runs this nation's energy policy? How many more brave soldiers must die in unnecessary wars? How long must we continue to watch our government do nothing to reverse course on global warming?

Bush Kisses His Benefactor

As the world runs out of cheap oil the question remains, how long will this nation remain vulnerable to blackmail from regimes unfriendly to the American Way?

While wind isn't the only way to produce clean, plentiful, and locally produced energy it is clear that the huge fortune wasted on the Iraq war should have been spent in securing this nation from further attacks, and on ending its addiction to oil from unstable and unfriendly regimes.

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Will said...

Either way, GE makes money. But they make a lot more money off of war.

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