Friday, July 13, 2007

A Real Flying Car UFO Story

Eye Witness Sketch of 1986 California Flying Car UFO

A few years back I had the pleasure of working for an Internet Service Provider. The IP was started, and based in Springfield, Illinois. That company had within its employ some early website designers whom were very talented. One was a graphics artist whose name I won't share without his permission.

I had a small geocities website dedicated to a few UFO experiences which I had. One day in the break room over lunch my supervisor was talking to another coworker about ghost, and the topic of UFOs eventually popped up. I ended up telling my supervisor about my web pages, and she pressured me to provide the link - which I did.

I asked her not to make a big deal about it, but soon she ended up telling a few others at work about the site. Eventually the graphics artist heard about the sight, and while I was in his office we began sharing our stories about our UFO encounters.

It was then he told me of an incredible encounter with a flying car UFO back in the mid 1980s while he and his father were driving north along Interstate 80 in California.

As he was an artist I asked him to sketch the flying car, which he did.

I've kept the little sketches for nearly a decade, and intended one day to share them in some way, and so now I do.

The sketch above shows in the upper right hand corner how a very bright UFO in the distance hovered high in the sky, moving about somewhat slowly descended (straight line) behind a bridge. As my coworker and his father drove northward traffic came to a virtual halt as an automobile sized UFO just a few feet off the shoulder of the I-80 traveled southbound.

The small craft hovered several feet off the ground, had very bright lights, and darkened window areas. It was colored a very dark green.

The sketch shows I-80 and the bridge in the foreground, it shows the UFO car to the right of the road.

Eye Witness Sketch of 1986 California Flying Car UFO

I asked my coworker to sketch the flying UFO car, and he did. The sketch on the top shows a side view, and the sketch below shows a top view (as he imagined it would look). Notice the very bright lights positioned on the car, and window areas. The windows were darkened and not translucent enough to be seen through from the outside.

My coworker said that whenever he talks with his father one of the first things his father will mention is the day they saw this fantastic flying car.

For the 1980s such a craft would be fantastic indeed. I'm not certain if what they saw was extraterrestrial or not. Perhaps it was a remote controlled unpiloted aerial vehicle? Certainly it would have been top secret, and remains so today - twenty years later!

I suspect some type of hardware malfunction.

If I had been there I'd have jumped out of the car, and ran up to the craft, maybe trying to block its way. My coworker said that as it hovered it was only moving a few miles per hour.

I suspect I'd probably have been taken away, and still sitting in some federal prison for having done such a thing, but still it would have been fun.

Folks there are lots of secret things that will never be shared with us during our lifetimes. Future generations may be scootering around in Jetson's-like cars after all - but it's highly unlikely anyone living today will own such a means of transportation.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the exact same thing, except the UFO had flashing light similiar to a police car or ambulance.

Anonymous said...

i have seen two similar UFOs,the same colour,without was much larger,the other,about the size of a large car

Michael Anthony Pearl said...

Jerome, There has been a number of flying UFO car sitings in Burbank, CA.One is on YouTube and it is quite clear. The Tape goes on for about 2 min. I contacted the individual whomade the video swears the tape is authentic. I did so because last Saturday night myself and a nieghbor were watching a UFO over Los Angeles which seem to provoke an attack by the flying UFO Car which became more aggressive when I attempted to film it. We did obviously get away which I assume was intentional on what ever was operating it. The reason I was UFO hunting on that Saturday is because I spotted and reported a UFO on that previous thursday to NBC and I found out that others called it in as well.

Mark Allen Antoinio said...

My mom and cousin had seen the same thing But in Guam. as she said the car's battery died on then wen they went 2 check out the engine they seen this picture sketch above. i showed my mom and she said shes having goose bumps right now

JeromeProphet said...

Guam? Wow! And we know which nation has a major military base out there. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I saw a repeating pattern of lights similar to an ambulance on the far edge of a lake in the woods of northern Illinois. They looked like the lights on an ambulance and moved from right to left on the far side of the lake...the pattern repeated over 100 times...each time a little different so i feel weird saying pattern. at one point the lights turned and flew across the lake towards us and shined a huge light from the sky that appeared out of nowhere. our fear levels increased and they left us alone and went back to the distance dancing. Im in a constant search now for ufo lights similar to these...

Anonymous said...

I saw something exactly like you describe as well.

email jp






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