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Barry Bonds Before And After Steroids

Barry Bonds Before Steroids

I remember walking up to my personal trainer and friend Linda a few years ago. She was reading a Lifting magazine (one which allegedly featured only natural body builders). I browsed through the pages over her shoulder, and I noticed all the incredibly well built men, and women.

I knew that some of those who came to the gym were more dedicated at lifting than I was, yet they didn't have anywhere near the muscle mass as those featured in this "Natural" body building magazine had.

I asked my trainer, "Linda, how do they do it? I mean they achieve this incredible level of muscle development naturally?".

Linda looked at me with a smile, and said, "Do you think they could get there without enhancers?", to which I replied, "Well that magazine's title says it's for natural body builders - you know those who don't use steroids".

Linda let out a little chuckle, and began to flip through the magazine and said, "Listen, I used to compete, and I'm telling you these body builders featured in all these advertisements in this Natural Body Building Magazine all use steroids. There's no way to get to this level of Muscle Mass, and have that little body fat without using enhancers".

Linda herself was in remarkable, but steroid free shape.

I realized why it was that those who lifted far more than I at the gym weren't that much bigger than I was despite their incredible efforts.

Is it worth taking all the enhancers and risking cancer, and a host of other maladies associated with taking roids? I don't think so, but some people do.

We see how Barry Bonds has achieved his home run record, and to him I guess it is worth the risk. Yet I can't help but wonder how many years has Barry Bonds cut from his own lifespan in pursuit of his place in the record books?

Here's a link to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle which details (compares) Barry Bond's baseball record before, and after steroid use. It's quite telling.

Barry Bonds On Steroids


Anonymous said...

Who cares anyway? Pro sports is for-profit entertainment. It's no different than wrestling. What about the integrity of the game, you ask? Please... if you ask me, grown men shouldn't be taking 'games' this seriously anyway. What about athletes as role models? Olympic athletes, sure...but not grown men bitching about their contracts. Money ruined the game like it does everything else. When profits are the bottom line, you know it's gonna suck.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have never experienced the brotherhood of a team, the pain of defeat, and the incredible joy of winning after all the countless hours you put into it. And to address your issue with money. Athletes have been paid great amounts of money since ancient Greece. They have always been glorified. So this money and fame business has not changed at all. Deep down inside every professional athlete plays for the love of the game, not for money. I hope you understand.

Justin, Dallas, TX

Matt H said...

It's obvious that the above pics is a pic taken of Barry as a scrawny teenager and the bottom pic is him as a grown ass man. This doesn't prove that he used steroids, all it shows is that after high school he hit the gym and started sucking on supplements in order to be competitive in a sport that Americans are no longer really a threat in anymore.

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