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School Uniforms Are A Great Idea!

These Kids Look Great In Their School Uniforms

The following list obtained from an interesting article at SJ-R

What not to wear

Springfield School District dress code for 2007-08 (excluding schools with uniform policies):

  • Clothes and grooming shall not contradict curriculum goals, educational objectives or “advertise, promote or picture” alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs or violent or illegal behavior.
  • Clothes, grooming and accessories shall not display “lewd, vulgar, obscene or plainly offensive language or symbols, including gang symbols.”
  • No hats, caps, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, pajama pants, slippers or shoes with wheels.
  • No pierced jewelry, other than earrings “worn in the ear.”
  • No spiked apparel “and accessories.”
  • No chains “that can be used as weapons.”
  • Shoelaces should be tied.
  • No coats and jackets worn inside without principal’s permission.
  • No clothing with: holes, ragged hems or cut-off hemlines, fishnet or transparent fabric.
  • Clothing shall not expose: the chest, abdomen, genital area or buttocks, legs above the mid-thigh.
  • No oversized, “extremely” baggy or improperly fitted clothing. Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the waist.
  • No sagging pants.
  • Tattoos that violate any provisions of the Dress Code must be covered at all times on school property or during school-sponsored activities.

  • School Uniforms Promote Purpose, Order, and Success

    My Take on the Issue of School Uniforms

    The list above addresses too many possible infractions, and ends up being ignored in the end. This could all be replaced with uniforms. Mandatory Uniforms for Springfield, Illinois high schools is a great idea. That and periodic, and random mandatory drug testing for all students would go a long way towards addressing long standing problems which have driven many parents to keep their children out of our city's public schools.

    This from the UK - Uniforms Are Simple

    School Uniform

    School Group

    Students are expected to wear school uniform on all school occasions. The uniform has been carefully chosen, in consultation with students, to be smart, practical and reasonably priced.

    All parents are asked to ensure that their child wears the complete uniform to maintain the high standards of smartness that supports the high reputation of our students in the community.

    Parents should note that no jewellery is allowed, except for a watch, 1 signet ring and a single stud earring per ear. No caps or bracelets are allowed except those worn for religious reasons. Nose piercing and extremes of hair sculpture are not permitted.

    Buying your school uniform

    Some items are only available from the school and others can be bought from the school or from Department Stores, giving parents as wide and competitive a choice of suppliers as possible. School uniform will be on sale at the New Year 7 evening and at the end of the ‘Practice Days’ and sports afternoon. All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name

    Items marked with * are available frrom the school

    Black blazer -(with The King's School Badge *)
    Black trousers
    Black shoes(not boots)
    Blue Shirt
    Black school sweatshirt *
    Black socks
    The King's School tie *

    Black blazer- (with The King's School Badge *)
    Black skirt
    Black school sweatshirt
    Blue shirt
    Black shoes(not boots)
    Black trousers
    black ordinary tights
    The King's School tie *
    Black/white socks

    A strong school bag is also needed for carrying books and equipment.

    Individuality Is Bunk

    Children, and teens need a sense of purpose, and a sense of belonging. Gangs, and drugs, and the culture of death have filled the void of American society over the last half century. It is time to restore what was once a compact between one generation, and the next. Tradition is a good thing, and schools are one of the few institutions which can instill a sense of social inheritance, and tradition in children. Uniforms are the physical manifestation of tradition, order and purpose, and should be made mandatory for use in all elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States.


    Anonymous said...

    This is some kind of devil's advocate blog post, right.

    This is not about school clothes. This is about certain people's lack of willingness and commitment to put forth some effort. Or, inability. People in authority.

    Most of the items in the Springfield School District "what not to wear" list are simply common sense. Just teach your kids what is appropriate for the siutation. We've been doing this successfully for generations. Why suddenly are we unable to teach common sense and appropriateness?

    Anonymous said...


    No, actually I'd like to see uniforms in use at all public schools, and at all levels - except College.

    I think they really do help to promote a more positive school environment. Uniforms are already in use in private schools, and in many public schools in the U.S.

    I believe that there's an awful lot of negative roles being played by kids today - for example, The gangster, the drug dealer, the player (casual sex artist), I could go on, and on.

    Sure, it's not new, but it's worse in my oppinion that in years past because many parents look the other way because they did the same thing when they were kids, so they look the other way. We also have popular culture spouting out more sex, and more violence, and less moral lessons than ever. So it's a universal widespread influence of immorality, with parents as isolated, and confused as ever in the history of this nation.

    Kids get bad messages from songs, videos, video games, movies, and each other - even bad parents.

    Good parent's voices of reason and love are being overwhelmed by the raging torrent of vice which goes for popular entertainment and culture now-a-days.

    Sure our parents were concerned about the same thing happening when we were young, but things really are worse than they ever were when it comes to the media using the lowest common denominator in entertainment.

    Most shows today on cable would have gotten an R rating when I was growing up.

    I just want kids to think of themselves as students when they're at school. I want to give them one safe place to be kids.

    Uniforms help to eliminate the different ways kids use to say, "Hey, I'm into drugs", or "Hey, I'm a gangster". Enough is enough already. When will parents admit that they can't shove on teachers the responsibility as to whether their kids are knowingly dressing in gang attire, or in provocative clothing?

    Some parents may disagree, but then again some parents are doing drugs with their kids.

    I say make it simple, very simple - uniforms - clean, professional looking, uniforms - they're a great idea.


    Anonymous said...

    I think school uniforms look cool, especially Britain's and Japan's. I don't want schools in America to have uniforms, they're just going to ask you to wear a polo shirt and a blue shirt or pants. Boringggg (that's not even a uniform, they're just asking you to look the same). A colorful tie and blazer would be so fun to wear to represent your school.

    Anonymous said...

    I, they look good. I really concur about the part where teens seek "belonging" and this void has been filled in some cases by gangs and drug culture.

    Anonymous said...

    school uniforms make for one less thing for students to pick on each other about. In many cities the wrong color shirt can get a kid hurt.

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