Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Drink Tea

A Peek Inside My Refrigerator Reveals a Mix of Green Tea and Red Tea

I love tea. I usually drink it iced cold, but I like hot teas too. I'd say I drink about five gallons of tea a week. That's right, five gallons. In fact I drink so much tea that my skin is slightly bronzed from the teas I drink. But guess what - having an antioxidant saturating my skin isn't a bad thing considering how those same chemicals protect against cellular aging, cellular mutation, and cancer.

My favorite teas are green teas, but I like red teas too. In fact I tend to mix red, and green teas. I also enjoy some flavored black teas, and an occasional herbal tea. I don't drink black teas all by themselves, and use them only to add flavors to green tea.

I usually make up a large batch of tea all at once. Usually ten gallons. If you notice I leave the tea bags floating inside half gallon containers letting them infuse as long as a week before they are consumed.

I stick to caffeinated tea during the day, and naturally decaffeinated teas in the evening.

I'm sure I'm breaking every rule in the book on tea making, but then again when you make more than ten gallons of tea a week you find ways to save time. I also enjoy the fact that my teas grow stronger throughout the week infusing even while refrigerated - similar to cold pickling.

I never use sugar! But I do use sweeteners.

There are many health benefits conferred on those who drink tea, but the greatest benefit is pushing soft drinks like Pepsi, and Coke out of your life! Soft drinks are a disgusting waste of liquids which everyone could do well without.

The photo above is a bit fuzzy, but I like it because it shares the color experience of tea inside a cold refrigerator on a hot summer day. I love tea.

One little note: Actually it's white tea mixed with red, but white tea is actually green tea - confused? Read about tea here:



ThirtyWhat said...

I absolutely ADORE iced tea ... and I could skip soda completely as long as I had a big, cold glass of tea to drink. It IS the house wine of the South, after all.

Unfortunately, I've got that whole PKD thing going on ... so tea (even decaffinated) is so hard on my body, I can only have it as a rare treat.

About once a year, I decide that I can no longer do without. I make up a huge batch ... but after a couple days, the aching and pain starts ... the obvious "signs" begin to show ... and once again, I'm forced to dump it out. You'd think I'd learn.

But I'm with you JP ... sweet (VERY sweet) iced cold tea is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Chris said...

I drink about 5 gallons of tea a week myself, it is pretty much all I drink. I usually make a gallon at a time and store it in the fridge. I stick to green and white teas and throw in a detox herbal for good measure, but no sugar maybe a few teaspoons of honey or agave. I have not noticed my skin bronzing but, I am a black guy so go figure!

Ruzil' said...

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