Thursday, August 02, 2007

Peeing Baby Banner Advertisement

If there were only an award for stupid banner advertisements

Why Not An Award For Stupid Banner Advertisements?

There should be an award for stupid banner advertisements. I'm not sure if one doesn't already exist, but there should be. The advertisement above should win such an award.

The Nice Interpretation

A man holding a baby notices that the baby has urinated in his diaper. The man sniffs the air for a sign of odor - just to confirm his suspicions about the baby peeing, and is comforted that there isn't any smell. He's pleasantly surprised that the diapers have retained all smell of urine. Good diaper the man thinks, as a smile comes to his face.

The Evil Interpretation

The man is rocking a baby back and forth to make the baby urinate. The baby urinates. The man sniffs the baby's diaper and discovers it does smell like urine. A smile comes to the man's face as he is happy that he made the baby urinate.

I'm hoping that the former interpretation is the one and only one intended. Still this banner advertisement is very weird - even if my imagination is running wild, it still looks strange to me.

Banner Advertisements Are Cultural Artifacts

In the meantime the number of these banner advertisements seems to have increased, and the ingenuity and effort invested into finding new means of annoying web surfers appears to have increased over the last decade.

I often wonder who will preserve these little bits of Internet history for future generations to scoff at? Despite being annoying the banner advertisement is a cultural artifact that deserves preservation, and recognition.

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