Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Real Self - Public Self - Ideal Self

Photo: Senator (R-ID) Larry Craig

Tonight I was watching some of the news on actor Owen Wilson who attempted suicide yesterday. The psychologist being interviewed mentioned the trichotomy between the various roles we play for ourselves and others during our lifetime.

The psychologist hit it right when she mentioned the roles; The Real Self, The Public Self, and The Ideal Self.

The real self is essentially who we really are, the public self is the self we project to others, and the ideal self is the self we wish to be, or believe we already are - even if we are not.

The discussion was about how comedians keep us in stitches laughing at their funny behavior up until the day they die - of suicide, drug overdose, sadness, etc.

I immediately thought of the homosexual Republican Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig.

Yes it is sad that the Senator is going for quick probably unprotected sex in airport bathrooms, but sadder still is what drove him to such activity. If he could only have been honest about his homosexuality he wouldn't be sneaking around like a thief in the middle of the night.

But he can't be open and honest about who he really is because he has spent his entire adult public life trying to frighten other gays who would be so bold as to admit who they are without having to be punished for doing so.

In actuality Republican Larry Craig isn't so much a hypocrite as he is a bully. He is too frightened to reveal his real self, and so he puts on his public self and speaks to the public about the mythical ideal self - the super heterosexual male. He uses the myth of the uber white Christian heterosexual male to deny others their choice.

I am not gay, he tells his stunned electorate, without a twinge of regret for being such a pathetic liar, or for having sicked upon gays his twisted brand of justice and self loathing.

Sadder still is watching how conservative Republicans are either running away from their friend in his hour of need, or are attempting to use his downfall to sling mud at those who would forgive him, and accept who he really is - Democrats, Liberals, and Homosexuals - the evil doers.

In an age of so much self pretense one can only wonder how many of those conservatives are actually closet sex addicts of every possible persuasion. We will never know - well maybe?

But if the recent trend of scandals continues it is likely that we'll see a few more highly placed public officials revealing their real selves whether they like it or not.

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