Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sexual Repression Leads To Self Destruction

Suffering Is Good - Pleasure Is Bad

Take the body call it filth, make people believe it, and you have control over that person for a lifetime.

Take an action that is pleasurable and instill guilt, fear and doubt about that action, and you have control over that person for a lifetime.

Equate sex with shame and you have the makings of a primitive society.

This brainwashing is in fact at the very core of our Judeo-Christian society, as well as the foundation of Islam. All three traditions are based upon male oppression of the female, outgroup exploitation, and violence. The traditions evolved from highly authoritarian cultures marked by authoritarian rule, illiteracy, slavery, superstition, short lifespans, low levels of education, poverty, and continual warfare and chaos.
Original Sin is Sex

Instilling sexual shame is an act of societal molestation of the individual which is sanctioned at every church, and reaffirmed by each stilted generation anew. Sexual shame is endorsed by most liberals, and the vast majority of conservatives. The imposition of sexual guilt is the means by which the desire of the individual is sublimated for the "good of society".

Sexual Sublimation Is Only the First Step

The second step in the taming of the individual for the good of the people is raising them to believe that killing, and being killed for the ruling elite is a good thing. This is paired with the teaching that suffering in a state of sheer survival at behest of the ruling class is noble.

This explains the strong link between conservative sexuality (old time religion), authoritarianism, and Capitalism.

Repress your earthly desire to sleep away the morning in a warm bed, go to the fields, and collect the grain. Do not fill your stomachs, but store the harvest for the winter. Delay your gratification you wicked souls, and you may survive another year. Give a portion to the King, and most of the rest to the Landlord, and you may keep just enough to toil another year in the service of the system.

Unquestioned Beliefs Function Best

And how better to convince people that suffering is good, and delaying pleasure is good - but to invoke guilt regarding one's very thoughts, one's very right to question what is, and what is not?
Religion, the most ancient form of propaganda works best when not questioned.

Get the people to believe that black is white, and one plus one is three, and you control them. The bigger the lie, the more unbelievable - the more believable!

Will this method continue to work in the future?

As societies move toward material affluence they tend to become more hedonistic, and centered around the short term pleasure of the individual - why? Because they can.

As the survival of our species is dependent upon finding a way to create long term stable societies which cooperate on a global scale it seems likely that the historic pattern of human beings destroying each other's civilizations will be eliminated.

Therefore it is inevitable that the subconscious and irrational means of promoting delayed gratification (religion's employment of shame) will become obsolete.


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Finally, the stitching is coming loose from the veil of your culture. Keep picking at it, there is much much more.

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I'm happy to report that Koshi hasn't had any problems since he's had his surgery.

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