Saturday, August 04, 2007

Seven Pines Seven Crimes Incest Story

Van Gogh Thatched Cottages

Girl: I'm depressed.
Man: About what?

Girl: My dad.
Man: Not him again?

Girl: It was all a lie.
Man: What was?

Girl: He hasn't changed, and she won't let me see him anymore.
Man: That's actually a very good thing.

Girl: Josie moved into his new apartment.
Man: What?

Girl: Yes, they're living together now - as boyfriend and girlfriend.
Man: I thought he moved back to Virden to be with his wife?

Girl: No, it was all a lie.
Man: I thought Josie had moved to Washington state?

Girl: They just told me that.
Man: So she decided to move in with her step father?

Girl: Yes.
Man: I thought she'd escaped all that sex abuse.

Girl: No, and she hates me.
Man: I really hoped she'd left them for good.

Girl: That's why I'm feeling upset.
Man: I don't know why you still want anything to do with him.

Girl: He's my father.
Man: He should be behind bars for what he's done with that girl.

Girl: That's really none of our business.
Man: He's harmed everyone who had anything to do with him.

Girl: I feel sorry for him. He's dying.
Man: Dying, again?

Girl: Yes, his body is riddled with tumors.
Man: Isn't this the same story he told you about six years ago?

Girl: He doesn't have long to live.
Man: Right, I guess he's found solace in incest, drugs, and booze.

Girl: It's lung cancer.
Man: And you're depressed. I can see that.

Girl: Yes. I thought he'd changed.
Man: You know you're never going to change him.

Girl: Silent.
Man: He'll just drag you down with him.

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