Friday, August 03, 2007

Chauncey Bailey Oakland Post Editor Assassinated

Chauncey Bailey Oakland Post's Editor Assassinated

Attacks upon journalist are all too common in the developing nations, but is rare in the United States, and Europe. That's why I was shocked to read that Chauncey Bailey of the Oakland Post had been gunned down while walking to work.

I don't live in Oakland, California, nor can I claim to have ever read Chauncey Bailey's opinions. My only recollections of Mr. Bailey is of watching him appear as a guest on various television news style programs. He was the voice of the "black community" or so we viewers were told.

I've read in the days following his murder that he had been considered confrontational, and relentless in his journalistic dogging of gangs, and corrupt politicians. I've read that he made enemies within the black Muslim community.

I guess we could take our pick as to who wanted him dead. No matter that he was gunned down by a coward who shot him in the back for simply using words. He's dead now, and his killer lives.

No matter who killed Mr. Bailey, and why, we should all know that Chauncey Bailey's assassination was an assault upon us all. By killing the radical troublemaker editor we have all been threatened.

I grew up hearing the expression that the pen is mightier than the sword, but one must first secure a society in which writing words is considered safe. Gangs, corrupt politicians, and radical religionist present within our society are all signs that we have a ways to go before anyone should consider laying down one's sword.

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