Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Who's John Entwistle Isolated Bass

The Who's Late Great Bass Player John Entwistle

I couldn't pass up sharing this video which appears on YouTube. John Entwistle of The Who plays Don't Get Fooled Again. Make sure to watch the entire video if you can. There's a bit of delay in the beginning as Entwistle's part comes in a minute or so into the song. There's also a long delay before Entwistle's finale. There are some frames missing, but the video is definitely worth watching.

The Who - John Entwistle Back Center

My brother used to play bass guitar. He once showed me how difficult it is to play bass compared to a regular electric guitar. Bass players build up thick calluses on their fingers. The strings on a Bass are so much thicker, and heavier and therefore take more effort to move. It's difficult to find very good bass players not because there aren't any, but because the instrument is much more difficult to master.

John Entwistle was called the quiet one, but still waters run deep. He deliberately kept a low key performance so as to allow the other band members to shine. John Entwistle was a major influence a whole generation of Rock bass players who learned from his inovations. John died a few years back, but his music lives on.

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