Monday, August 20, 2007

Who's Keith Moon?

The Who On Keith Moon

Before I had ever heard the name Keith Moon I knew Keith Moon. As a boy the drum is perhaps the most alluring of musical instruments, and it was as a boy that I first heard Keith Moon's drums in Who songs that would play on the radio.

I was lucky enough to work for several years with a drummer for a local band here in Springfield, Illinois. The one thing I will always remember him telling me is that there is a drummer in each of us - sometimes just dying to be set free. He was right. There is a rhythm in us all. That beat accompanies us our entire life - and when it ends we end with it - it courses from our heart into our arteries, and it carries with it life.

Keith Moon of The Who

Keith let that primal drummer go free, and it was his beat which drove The Who. As a boy, long before I could understand the lyrics of The Who I could understand the song through the beat. Later as a teenager I knew there were times when I might forget a word here or there, but I had every single beat down.

He Was Unique & Never To Be Taken Away

It was this driving Rock beat which brought millions of fans to The Who. Eventually we would invest the time to learn, and understand the lyrics, and even the deeper meanings, and history of each song, but the beat spoke long before then. Keith Moon was the engine which drove The Who.

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