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Air Strip Where Steve Fossett Departed

Barron Hilton's Flying-M Ranch Airfield - Google Earth Fly To: 38°36'47.58"N, 119° 0'36.22"W
Where did aviator, adventurer and world record holder Steve Fossett take off from?

Steve Fossett left from a mile long airstrip located at hotel magnate Barron Hilton's Flying-M Ranch.

The Flying-M Ranch is located sixty miles south of Reno, Nevada.

Location of the Flying-M Ranch in Latitude and Longitude as follows:

Latitude: 38°36'47.58"N

Longitude: 119° 0'36.22"W

The image above shows the Barron Hilton Flying-M Ranch from an altitude of 9916 feet.

Example Only: What Type of Aircraft Was Steve Fossett Flying?

Steve Fossett took off in an aerobatic Bellanca-built Super Decathlon Citabria. The color scheme of the actual Barron Hilton Super Decathlon is different from the photo above. See the photo below for a look at the actual aircraft. The colors are blue, and white with red trim stripe on the actual aircraft Steve Fossett was flying on September 3rd, 2007.

Photo: The Actual Barron Hilton Super Decathlon

The aircraft Steve Fossett was flying is owned by Barron Hilton. It has a range of 200 miles, and is equipped with an emergency transmitter which is automatically triggered after a crash. No such radio transmissions have been reported. The transmitter may also be manually activated.

Single Engine Aircraft From Altitude Of One Kilometer

What Does A Single Engine Plane Look Like From One Kilometer Up?

See the photograph above, however, it is recommended that you search from half that altitude (i.e., 1500 feet).

General Area From Altitude of 85 Miles

What is the Scale of the Search Area?

  • A Maximum of 200 Miles
  • A Cautious Pilot at 150 Miles
  • A Hypothesized 50 Miles

In the image above the grayish rectangle is an area photographed by satellite within the last few days (to assist in the search - there are several such areas). This vast area has been sectioned into tens of thousands of smaller images from an altitude of 1500 feet. Each smaller section needs to be reviewed several times by several different sets of eyes to verify need for immediate physical investigation.

Amazon.Com's MTurk Search for Steve Fossett
The more people participating in the search the greater the chance of finding the downed aircraft. Already six downed aircraft have been found, including three which were already known crash sites, and three crash sites which had been previously unknown. Each MTurk square is 278 square feet, but there are more than 300,000 squares to search. The MTurk system requires that each square be viewed 10 times. Also the satellite images employed have been updated several times. The good news is that an estimated 50,000 people are searching for Steve Fossett using the Internet.

Searching For Steve Fossett Using Google Earth (Same Coordinates As MTurk Above)
In the desert when a small plane crashes it can simply vanish. Families who have lost loved ones on board smaller aircraft which have crashed in these deserted areas are often told that resources have been exhausted - and the search stops. Decades pass, and their loved one's are never found. Therefore even if Steve Fossett is not found there is a very good chance that the search for Steve Fossett will find additional crash sites which will assist in the return of the remains of lost loved ones to their surviving family members.
How Can I Help Rescue or Recover Steve Fossett?

Short of flying out to Barron Hilton's Ranch and assisting in the physical search you can search right from your own computer using Google Earth! You don't even need to use Google Earth. In any case visit Steve Fossett's website for details on how you can help search for Steve Fossett.
Where Should I Submit Steve Fossett Leads Coordinates?
If you're using Google Earth you can submit your discoveries to Mturk at:

What Is The Phone Number To Report A Steve Fossett Physical Sighting

The phone number below is provided for members of the public who have physical Steve Fossett sighting leads, not Google Earth, or MTurk leads. If you're using Google Earth to find Steve Fossett see the link above to submit your leads. If you're using Amazon.Com's MTurk just submit your hit results through the normal MTurk system. The number is (910) 396-0704. At the tone press 4719.


  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Latitude & Longitude of Sighting
  • Description of the Sighting
How Long Has Steve Fossett Been Missing?

Since early afternoon of September 3rd.

Is There A Reward For Finding Steve Fossett?

YouChoose.Net has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone providing information which results in the rescue, or recovery of Steve Fossett.


Download Google Earth Here (Free)

Get Coordinates Here to Search For Steve Fossett

Here's an excellent Wired article on the subject


dbear said...

This is a well done (now) archive of the search for Steve Fossett. There is an error, however. "Each MTurk square is 278 square feet, but there are more than 300,000 squares to search."

That should read "Each MTurk square is 278 feet square,... "

There is a big difference. A 278 square foot box is only about 17 feet on a side. You have already shown that the squares are 278 feet on a side. "278 feet square"


michaelpilot said...

$10,000 USD reward to find missing Multi Millionare...?

Does anyone find this monetary amount on the very insulting cheap side?

That figure only represents a bare salvage number for the aircraft engine.

If this was Tom Cruise or Britney Spears I am sure there would be an all out search and high offer for finding.

Perhaps some people don't want him found for some reason...

Anonymous said...

if it was tom cruise the papperazi would be there with them asking stupid questions.

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