Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mainstream Media's Mental Muzzles

A Voluptuous Media Fixation - Britney Spears
Illinois Times' Amanda Witherell recaps her top ten important stories which should merit public debate, yet hardly mustered a mention in most Main Stream Media outlets too busy covering important issues such as how fat Britney Spears is (over 1500 news article hits on Google News within 24 hours of her revealing comeback performance yesterday).

I'm alarmed by these stories. It is completely obvious that the United States has been turned into a police state in the name of The War on Terror, The War on Drugs, etc.

Gitmo: How Many Innocent People Are Still Detained?

Most people think they'll never feel the ill effects of legislation which has quietly deleted the rights and protections provided to them, and prior generations through the Constitution. That's for Muslim terrorist they tell themselves - but these laws are far reaching, and apply to us all.

Let this article be a call to arms for freedom loving Americans - oops, that might be construed as an inducement to violence which could be used to justify tossing me into a cell without a trial for a very very long time. Think I'm joking? You have to click on that link, and read the article - this may be your only warning.

So let me rephrase that, Let this article motivate you, but do nothing - do nothing at all except pay your taxes - unless you happen to be rich and can get out of paying them.

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Well, she did get a little chunky.

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