Monday, September 17, 2007

Al Gore - A Tireless Environmentalist

Al Gore - Environmentalist

"The planet has a fever. If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don't say, 'Well, I read a science fiction novel that told me it's not a problem.' If the crib's on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action". -Al Gore-

Al Gore has been my "Guest Prophet" here on JeromeProphet for several months now. I could say many things about Al that are political, but I won't. I'll just say that I believe future generations will look back upon Mr. Gore with respect. That's not always the rule with former elected representatives.

Former Vice President Al Gore

From the way Al Gore stepped down from the brewing controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential election to the way he chose to reenter public life as an advocate for responsible public policy regarding global warming - I could only be impressed.

To me, Al Gore is like a shining light piercing the darkness. He is a modern David fighting against the Oil and Coal Goliath. The stakes are incredibly important. Allow the fossil fuel industry to continue their death grip on the people of the Industrialized world, changing the world climate in the process, or move away from fossil fuels toward a sustainable, and ecologically healthier approach? That's the question which this generation is presented, and it's Al Gore who keeps asking the question.


Anonymous said...

How pathetic...Al Gore on same page as Lincoln.

JeromeProphet said...

He has been for quite awhile. He was my guest prophet for probably two months now.

Is Al Gore in the same league as Abe Lincoln?


Then again I can't think of any President who would be - maybe George Washington, but I'm including his years as the General of the Continental Army too.

If Al Gore is correct about the long range and far reaching effects of Global Warming - which I believe he is - then he can play a very significant role in helping our generation make good but tough decisions which will shape the course of human history for generations to come.

In that sense Al Gore has taken on a heroic battle against well funded entrenched forces - oil and coal - which care not for anyone, and only want to make a profit over the next quarter. Those forces control the nation today, and are ruining the world we live in.

I respect Al Gore's honesty, his intellect, and his sense of values.

If he had been allowed to take the office of the Presidency which he actually won in 2000 our national response to 9-11 would have been honest, rational, proportional, targeting only those responsible.

I feel Al Gore would have had no choice but to deliver Osama Bin Laden's head on a silver platter - for if he had not - it is certain his bid for reelection in 2004 would have been doomed. He couldn't have put on the cowboy hat, and the fake accent and cut a fart joke like the current president does to generate support from his constituency.

I also feel Al Gore would have moved this nation from its dangerous addiction to Middle Eastern oil toward energy independence - creating millions of high paying jobs, and keeping billions of dollars here in the U.S. economy instead of piping them overseas to the Saudi regime which funds terrorism against the West.

No the more I think of it, the greater this man becomes in my mind.

I'd say if you think either Lincoln, or Gore being on the same page is pathetic - you're the one that needs to take the time to learn the facts about both men, and about the issues which shape our times.

Good luck in your studies!


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