Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kerry Questioner Arrested - Funny Sad Pathetic

YouTube: John Kerry Conspiracy Questioner Throws Tantrum

Tuesday morning I was listening to radio talk show host Jim Leach review this video on air (while he played it over and over again). I just had to check it out. It's funny, sad, and pathetic all at the same time.

It starts as a college student questions Senator John Kerry at a meeting at the University of Florida. The questions sounded more like an inquisition, or might I say an accusation, that Senator Kerry is involved in a massive conspiracy, and that in fact Senator Kerry actually won the 2004 election. That John Kerry is in league with secret powers who actually run the nation.

Well, maybe.

In any case isn't that what blogs are for?

More Revealing Angle Why Student Was Arrested

Rubber Necking Alert!

O.K. so the lady cop blew it, and none of her cop pals were in the position to know, or would ever even think to ask what started the incident once she had already crossed the line. The student had already turned to leave, but the lady cop wanting to prove her masculinity put her meat hooks on the student to show she was in control. She was going to lead this trouble maker single handedly right out of the building, maybe even threaten to arrest him on some trumped up charges because - well, he was asking questions.

NOTICE: The Local Police will be in control of question and answer time at the upcoming John Kerry visit to Campus. The student activities union forgot to put that in the Campus Activity Fliers.

Not sure why there were so many cops standing right next to the microphones? Who in the hell thought that one up? I've watched hundreds, and hundreds of hours of CSPAN, and even attended a few local public events with local, state, and even national elites in attendance and I never saw that many cops next to microphones.

I recall attending a visit from George McGovern who was just as much a "has been" as John Kerry, and I don't believe even one cop was there - at all. This was down at SIU-Carbondale in the AGE BEFORE RAMPANT TERRORIST ATTACKS which plague the United States on a daily basis. So maybe things have changed? Maybe we need cops stationed at microphones to stop the terrorist from asking Senator Kerry stupid questions?

Folks, this is why local municipal police should not be used for policing university campuses. Sadly, campuses across the nation have eliminated their own campus police. Which means we see cops with no understanding or appreciation of the sense of intellectual freedom which should be fostered on campuses arresting people for even looking like they want to hold up a protest sign. Locally we saw how an outspoken professor was arrested for doing so at UIS not too long ago.

Sadly, this student appeared to be so paranoid about being taken away to the gulag by the not so secret police that he over responded -or does he? Maybe he's just an immature kid at college asking a couple of good questions, and showing bravery for doing so?

O.K. so he's an immature idiot, there's no doubt about it - but for goodness sakes it's college - most of his buddies are out guzzling down the brew and wouldn't consider attending a Kerry speech. Maybe he is a weirdo - for god's sake he reads books too!

I doubt you planned for this to happen Mr. Inciter of a Riot, but next time go with a plan.

Ask your question, pull out a set of handcuffs, and some duct tape. Put the duct tape on your mouth. Put on your handcuffs and lay on the floor.

Under those circumstances it would be obvious that you were being arrested for just asking questions - but you blew it by resisting your arrest. That's right. You were arrested because you resisted being arrested for being arrested.

Police Arrest University of Florida Student For Revealing Government Conspiracy!

Not really.

Some Comments By The MySpace Community
Having read a few MySpace reviews it looks like 75% of those youngsters commenting on the Myspace version of this video are questioning, in not so nice terms, the tolerance of freedom, and democracy in the U.S.

Kids, this isn't Abbie Hoffman they're carting off, but it is heartening to see that MySpace isn't just for love sick poetry, and heavy metal song applets anymore.

Anyway this kid will soon be a YouTube sensation.

Man, imagine a MILLION HITS in just a few days!

Let's see my blog hit count will catch up in about FORTY YEARS!

In the mean time the lady cop is headed back to Abu Ghraib where she's studied under head mistress Olga for the last few years.


nancy said...

Good post.

Anonymous Communist said...

"Don't Tase me, bro!"


I like how one kid yelled "Police brutality! Rodney King!" after Johnny Schmendrick got Tased.

But the kid did nothing to deserve arrest getting manhandled by the police. Perhaps he should not have resisted their initial advance, but they shouldn't not have tried to remove him in the first place.

Anonymous Communist said...

EDIT: But the kid did nothing to deserve getting manhandled by the police. Perhaps he should not have resisted their initial advance, but they shouldn't have tried to remove him in the first place.

Ich bin ein Dumbass.

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